11 Useful Steps to Plan a Well-organized Move in 2 Months!


Recently you booked a proficient team of Agarwal Packers, for your forthcoming house move. Presently, things are pretty much clear on your end, and the only thing that you are waiting for, are some effective and crispy moving tips that would further reorganize your moving journey. So, without any further ado, let’s throw some light on the top 11 tips that you might refer to when you are just a couple of months to go for your final moving date.

Let’s begin:

  1. Attend both small and big tasks – Most of the time, we only tend to pay attention to the grand responsibilities that are resting ahead of us, and often in the same stride, we fail to address the tiny tasks that we are surrounded with. Remember, tasks could be smaller but somehow they can have the tendency to ruin our moving experience. So, why take a chance and postpone things to the next time? So, take every small task and accomplish it with utmost seriousness as you would do with any major responsibility.
  2. Dismantle all the outsized items – Though not necessary, if you can pull off the dismantling of the big, bulky items in your place like the furniture and equipment, appliances, and other items, you will be at a much comforting place. But be very careful so you do not end up hurting yourself or damaging the possession. Seek help wherever you feel like it.
  3. Give some time to the movers – You could have spoken to your mover at the time of booking but have you discussed your moving requirements with them? If you have yet not done that, give them a call again and give them some time to do the needful arrangements. They will get back to you with their proposal and strategies once they have efficiently analyzed your situation and assessed your belongings.
  4. Divert all your emails and letters – If you have not yet thought of getting your address transferred, then do keep a check on that because this is one of the most important things. You cannot keep receiving your posts and parcels at this address, because you will be leaving the place soon. So, it is mandatory to get the address change formality fulfilled at first.
  5. Know what all items to pack first – You would already know that there are a lot of items that we can easily pack at first, without thinking twice. These are the items that we would not need on an immediate basis and the best we can do with them when we are packing for the move, is to pack them first. This includes all the off-season clothes, the specialty items like crockery, and all accessories and household décor items like antiques, pictures, etc.
  6. Accomplish the legal paperwork – If you still have certain formalities to fulfill and not much time in hand, then keep aside all other pre-move tasks and take care of your move-related paperwork (like insurance, license, etc.) at first. Remember, there is a lot of documentation that needs to be done and without keeping a check on the official procedure, you cannot experience a hassle-free move. So, attend to this priority task at first before the experts from Agarwal Packers and Movers come over.
  7. Get in touch with your key contacts – By contacts, we do not only mean getting in touch with your colleagues or clients but the essential individuals who make your life simpler in some way or the other – from your security agent to your driver, to the caretaker, to the landlord, to the insurance service provider, to the license provider, etc. You will need to have the last word with all of them before you vacate the place.
  8. Book professional cleaners early on – If you have appointed the experts on time, you will be significantly at ease throughout the journey. It is like hiring a team of professional movers who are there to share your moving concerns, hassle, and most importantly, the burden so that you can enjoy a comfortable moving journey. So, do your research, figure out your moving needs and decide which moving option is working best for you and go ahead!
  9. Decide the transit route in advance – This point is worth considering especially if you are moving in the winters. And, otherwise too, this is something that should be paid attention to, to ensure there is no diversion or disturbance in the journey on a moving day. Often there are times when we encounter heavy traffic or blocked routes or simply some sort of disturbances along the journey. Therefore, if you discuss the possible routes for your moving journey with your moving team way ahead, things can get better on a moving day.
  10. Remove every item on your wall – Most of the time, the articles that we have on the walls of our home are the most fragile and often handling them in a rush causes them to break. So, while you are packing all your high-value items like the keepsakes, heirlooms, antiques, etc., take a moment to remove all that you have on your walls carefully before you start packing them for the move.
  11. Keep the document binder with you – Keep all your important documents with you throughout the moving journey. To ensure everything remains together, in one place, get one document binder that can hold all your identity proofs, office papers, house papers, moving agreement and insurance papers, etc. Keep this file in the handbag you will carry with you on a moving day so that you can reach out to the required paper whenever you need it.

The most crucial phase when you are settling down to a new place is not the moment when you relocate, but the pre-moving duration when you are on your tips to address each and everything that comes on your way. But we also know that pulling off a move is no less than an exhausting event, so it is better if you book a professional team of Agarwal Movers and Packers ahead of time. They will come over to your place and commence with the packing tasks as decided, so you can breathe easy!