5 Key Factors to Consider When Hiring Professional Movers!


If you are preparing for a move next month, and have to shift from Cuttack to Gandhidham, for some important business assignment, chances are you must be having a tough time figuring out quite a lot of things at the same time. Isn’t it? For instance – there is budget planning that you have to work out, the last-minute tasks that need to be fulfilled, the priorities and few acknowledgments that need to be made, and what not! And along with these, there is another paramount task to take care of – which is looking for a reliable team of moving professionals that can execute your move efficiently. So, we advise you to hire a trusted team of packers and movers in Cuttack and get set for the relocation preparation, soon!

These are the factors:

• The time of your move is important – So, let’s begin with the foremost aspect that impacts our move quite extensively. The time of the year we schedule our move-in has to do a lot with the pricing and availability of the moving company. And summertime is the peak time of the year, hiring movers during the months between April to August, usually remains on the expensive side. And if you are someone looking for a budgeted move, make sure you consider this. A favorable time of the year to assign for your move would be during the autumn-winter season when the rates are comparatively on the lower side.

• The distance plays a key role – The second most important thing to take into consideration is the city, state, or country you are moving to. Yes! The distance of your move largely influences your moving cost, and professional moving companies have a fixed pricing structure for the same, which follows the common formula – the longer the distance of the move, the higher is the moving cost, and vice-versa. So, if you are planning an international move, or simply a long-distance move, be prepared to spend more. Therefore, you must be aware that the price quoted to you by the prospective company is inclusive of other factors too – the driving cost, conveyance facility, the fuel price, etc.

• The size of your moving goods – How can we miss this extremely crucial factor, when it comes to considering the essential aspects altering our moving costs. So, ascertain the number of goods you are finally planning to move to your new home. Your moving cost would highly be affected by this – which means the heavier your load is, the higher would be your moving cost. This is the reason, why people planning a relocation are advised to declutter and downsize ahead of their move. De-cluttering drastically impacts your budget and certainly pulls it down from where it was initially. Also, you tend to get an idea of how much a move might cost you when you request quotations from multiple moving companies and the experts ask you for a detailed version of your inventory, especially to know the heavier, oversize items and other complicated items you have in your place because these articles often call for specialized moving equipment, ideal moving options like an oversized truck that would easily hold all your enormous household goods and belongings, additional workforce, etc. and all of this affects your moving cost, largely.

• The value-added services you have opted for – Another major cost incurred by customers during a move is the moving equipment and supplies cost, apart from the moving type cost, which means you pay more if you have chosen a full-service moving company or a door-to-door service provider. Although when we talk about moves and hiring a professional moving company, the packing task is conducted by the professionals only – where they reach our place, survey our goods, evaluate them to figure out if any of the items need special equipment to be moved or lifted and carry out the process. But, people who often look around for a budgeted move, and prefer packing at least some section of their belongings on their own, opt for partial service movers. Where part service movers are priced low, the full-service movers come at a high price. In other cases, some people manage to gather the packing supplies from local shops on their own and do not buy them from their moving company and this saves a huge deal of money because packing materials are undoubtedly expensive, and arranging them from wholesale and utility stores helps them to arrange these at a pretty decent rate.

If you are someone who owns quite a lot of specialty items that require special care and protection, you would need to pay extra, because professional movers charge a high fee while handling high-value, sensitive items owing to their delicacy and complex handling.

• Secure storage facility comes at a price – Moving cost multiplies rapidly if you opt for the value-added services, as we mentioned above. Also, the secure storage fees charged by the movers are quite high and customers who opt for this facility are quoted a heavy price for the same. By and large, people who have to shift their valuables and possessions for a temporary period into a safer unit, opt for this feature and compiled with the insurance coverage, booking, and renting charges, this remains quite an expensive deal.


If you are planning for a move and are confused about how to come across the right team of professional movers – like movers and packers in Cuttack for your house moving project, then make sure you research well and do consider the above-mentioned points, so that you can focus on the other key tasks at hand, as well – from sorting and de-cluttering your stuff, buying packing supplies, to fulfilling the packing task of some of your belongings, notifying the major service providers and essential people in your circle – the friends, colleagues, and neighbors, etc., etc. The experts will lessen your hassle and manage your move to provide you with the best moving experience.