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6 Best Ways to Unpack Your Goods after Relocation!

If you think that only packing and preparing for a move takes time, and causes stress, then we ask you to think again! The real challenge lies in unpacking and unboxing all your freshly delivered packages and later on, re-arranging them at their designated spaces. If, for instance, you are planning your next move from Ranchi to Bangalore, and are worrying about your pre-move and post-move tasks and settlements, we would advise you to hire the professionals of packing and moving segments – Agarwal Packers.

When you approach them, they would enquire you about your packing and shifting needs, and also ask you for the details of your move – the moving date, the number of packages you are willing to move and would put up a few questions like, – ‘Are there any priority packages you want to be delivered sooner than your consignment delivery date?’, ‘Do you have quite a few pieces of specialty items?’, ‘Do you want insurance for all of your goods, you are moving? Or,willing to protect only the exquisite, special ones? – make sure you discuss everything with your movers before you hire them for your house relocation task.

Note: If you are anxious about your post-move arrangements and want expert assistance for that as well, you can research all the possible moving options to come across the best, full-service moving companies that would take responsibility for all your pre and post-move tasks – from preparing your goods to pack and load them into the moving truck, followed by delivering them safely at the doorstep of your new home, and then organizing them properly, under your guidance.

Due to a shortage of time and plenty of tasks to manage all alone, you would be stressed out, during the process. So, you should straightaway opt for the packing and moving companies to have the necessary assistance with you throughout the journey!
But if you are doing all the unpacking and re-arrangement of your goods on your own, here is a great guide of the best tips and techniques that would organize and ease out your post-move house set-up plan and also save you from stress!

• Examine the packages first

Finally, when you have reached your new home, and your goods have also been delivered to you at the spot, make sure you go back to your moving inventory to see if everything has reached you and none of the packages are missing. Inspecting the items ahead of stepping into your new home is important before you make the final payment to the moving personnel of Agarwal Packers and Movers.

Throughout the process and also, right after you move in, you should communicate about your homeowners and the moving team. Recheck your moving details and the timings. If you have to collect keys or arrange parking space for your moving truck and your vehicle, you should discuss everything with the society personnel or your apartment authorities.

• Dust the interiors of your new home

Before you get into the unboxing spree, you should wipe out the interiors – the floors, and any other open surface accessible to you – the shelves, cupboards, drawers, and cabinets, before you begin putting up your stuff across the room. Doing a big clean sweep is important as it will also help you figure out how you want to organize your goods in the right way.

• Begin unpacking with a set process

You just cannot randomly pull out boxes and get the items out just like that. Following a process would make your task simple and sorted, and you will end up rearranging your goods a lot soon. So, at first, get to know what you are unboxing and unpacking. Try to go by the name labels put alongside the moving cartons before you open them. You can begin with organizing stuff in your rooms if you wish, or follow the numbering process.

• Unbox the essentials/basics first

It is a fact the unboxing is even tougher when compared to packing. So, make sure you only undo the essential packages and not get into the unboxing mood and make the situation and your new home even more chaotic. Take your time and find the boxes that contain your most important items – the ones that you will need to survive the next few days in your new home – the toiletries, pair of extra clothes, your wallet, phone, laptop, the chargers, and power cables, locks and keys, medicines, etc.

• Follow up with other sensitive ones

Once you have put out the needful items in their place, next you should undo all the packages that contain the perishable items – the ketchup, vinegar, vegetables and fruits, any forms of dairy product – cheese, butter, yogurts, etc. and any other items bought from the frozen cabinets – fresh meat, or freshly cooked food, if you have brought.

• Unpack in steps and organize alongside

The final step once you have completed the major tasks after your move is to get into unpacking and organizing your stuff in sequence. Set up your priority rooms first – be it your bedroom, living room, or kitchen space. Alongside, work out to settle down your furniture and major appliances like a chimney, gas stove, refrigerator, microwave oven, and air conditioner, television first because you shall need them first. Next up, focus on the cabinets and wardrobes in your bedroom, take out your clothes and start organizing them in their designated spaces to manage some part of your goods.


Relocations are messy but the activities and tasks that follow them are even more difficult. You have to re-arrange all of your items from those unopened moving boxes and organize them in the right places. You will already be tired after fulfilling such a big move, and getting into the unpacking process could be a pain in your back. But, you can skip this hassle, and get done with your shifting journey in a hassle-free way if you hire the expert packing team of Agarwal Movers and Packers!

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