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6 Smart Home Myths Debunked

Today if you look at the housing industry and imagine how it was three decades ago, it would not be wrong to say that it has undergone a drastic change from the layout to interiors and traditional pieces of equipment to new age homes having all that can be controlled from tips of fingers, from Smart control air-conditioners, LED lights, energy-efficient, and high-end appliances and much more.

In addition to that, with this emergence of smart homes and home automation systems now you can also access and control various appliances likes lights, security cameras, entertainment systems, etc. via your internet-connected device like smartphones or other networked devices. Now we can say confidently that the future of home automation is here. That being said, if you haven’t still committed to the idea of automating your home it might be because of the reason that some myths about the smart home are hovering over everywhere. Well, your housing aspirations should not be hindered by this rampant misconception about smart home products and systems anymore. That’s why we have brought down to you the most common myths that aren’t true about smart home automation.

1) Home Automation Is Just Too Expensive

To begin with, the most discouraging factor which might have been creating confusion with regard to home automation system is that it will is dearly expensive. This is not the case at all. The first thing you should understand is there is whatsoever no need for you to buy everything at once. Most people don’t go for it all at once, yet they don’t. To smarten up your home you should take a smart approach by spending a limited amount that will fall under your budget, using which you can get a home hub. This will build the very foundation of the smart home system which you are about to build on. By bringing incompatible devices with a home hub that will work in perfect harmony with it.

After this, you can throw in a smart speaker like Google home speaker or eco-device by Amazon which will let you get things hands-free control at a very cost-effective price. And now you just have to simply bring devices which suits your budget.

2) You Need to Be Extremely Tech-Savvy to Use Smart Devices

Another common myth that acts as a hurdle is that this technology is too complicated to use. Although it is a matter in some cases, like when you need to wire up the thermostat to the HVAC system but isn’t that the work of an electrician? To put it simply some ecosystems are very much user-friendly than others. You can get your hands on a broad range of devices that are wireless and are ready to use after you plug them in. All you need to do is download an app on your smartphone, if you are into voice commands you can simply add a smart speaker into the mix. After connecting it to your home Wi-Fi network all you need to do is simply follow on-screen instructions in an app that will give you the freedom to control your devices in whichever way you like.

3) Smart Home Automation is for Bigger Homes

Most of people think that it is something meant only for bigger homes and only they can reap benefits from it. But that is not true at all you can use this home technology irrespective of your home’s size and shape. There are many home automation devices with retrofit designs that you can install anywhere in your home as per the convenience to improve your day-to-day living. You can easily make home automation installations and get lighting automation in Los Angeles regardless of the size of your home.

4) All Smart Home Devices Are the Same

From automated lighting system to smart curtains, security surveillance to even home theatre every smart home company seemingly offer the same similar product set. But we should take note of one point that not all of them are customizable enough to fit your home and needs. And there are only a selected number of companies having significant certification which is much qualified than others to provide the quality that home automation products require.

5) Smart Home Installation Requires A Complete Home Makeover

When it comes to changing home structure only for the installation of a home automation system, it can make a very good reason to strike-off home automation of your to-do list. But there are production companies which ensures that they get things in place with a minimum of changes in your house. For that matter, you can simply turn your home into a smart home by installing these devices and modules which do not need any heavy renovations or makeovers. As there is a wide range of products that are simply plugged play ready and customizable to meet your smart home needs.

6) It’s Not Reliable

Yes, it can be pretty scary if you’re home automation product or system got off-line locking you in your own home. Although that would have been the case thanks to the failsafe measure feature that comes with most of the popular smart home devices which ensures your home stays operational and you do not get caught up in this technological mess, still while experiencing glitches. On the other hand, if you will be facing some minor problems they can be easily solved by a quick reboot of the device or system

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