7 Amazing Tips to Keep in Mind if You Are Relocating for Profession!


Hey! Did you recently receive a job confirmation letter in your mail? Is this what you were waiting for, for months? But will that need you to pack and move from your present city Kanpur to Surat, your job city? Well, you must then be well aware that the distance is not less and also, you will have to get into the packing and preparation for the same, without wasting a minute, because time is less but there are piles of things to be packed and an even longer list of to-do tasks to accomplish! But, do not worry because you have landed on the right page.

Here, you would find some useful pieces of information for your forthcoming move that are not just easy to follow but also don’t consume much of your time. Because, we know for a working professional like you, finding out time midst the packed work schedule is an absolute challenge, so here is a bit of advice – do find and book a team of expert packers and movers from a reliable moving company like Agarwal Packers, before you begin working on any of the below-mentioned ideas, and enjoy a seamless, happy moving time!

• Sit up and plan – Being young, energetic blood, if you think you would be able to manage your move in a flash of seconds and that there is not much planning that is needed, then we advise you to be serious and come up with a practical moving day strategy. Because, without a plan, you won’t get an idea of how you should proceed with things, which tasks to focus on, and which ones to leave for the professionals. So, prepare a step-by-step blueprint with all that your mind can comprehend and can think of.

• Have friends at your place – Before the professionals arrive at your place, you will need to prepare the goods that you wish to move with you. So, take a few days to break from work, call up your friends who can help you out with your sorting and packing task. From clothes to books, to stationery and other utility appliances you hope to take along simply because it eases life’s toughest situations – like the induction cooker, the iron, the instant tea, and coffee maker, the blower, and all the other supplies and products that you cannot do without should be packed.

• Focus on sorting your stuff – While you are going through all the things you are planning to move, make sure to focus on the decluttering aspect. Although your home would be this place only, and you will have your family to look after the household and things, but moving does give us a wonderful chance to revisit the things that we have accumulated over the last few years. So, make sure to not carry or leave any clutter behind. Discard everything before the experts from Agarwal Packers and Movers arrive, that you do not use or need anymore. You will always have a chance of buying them if needed.

• Finalize your accommodation – If your new flat or room you would be moving to, in the new city is yet not confirmed, you should get done with that immediately. Talk to the real estate agents in the city, discuss the rates and see how you can get a better price. You will have to consider the other associated costs as well, which you were not initially that much bothered about because you were living with your family. Do not randomly come to a decision but keep your financial aspects in your new city in mind, the possible expenses you will incur regularly, and lease accordingly.

• Finalize the vital amenities – Right after your new accommodation gets a final nod, you should attend to the primary services you would need in there. Having the essential connections in a place like uninterrupted power and water supply, availability of gas, cable, and internet networks is primal so you can have a smooth transition into your new home. All of these should be up and running by the time you reach the place so make sure you have connected with the authorities in the town a couple of days before finally moving in there!

• Appoint moving professionals – If you think, moving alone, gives you ample chance to enjoy a do-it-yourself move, then you might be wrong. Even the simplest of moves require sufficient moving assistance to ensure everything is safe and secure when delivered. So, do not delay hiring the moving team after a good research and comparison of the rates, terms, and services. Accept a deal only after reviewing the agreement terms carefully. Also, make sure to opt for your moving insurance cover as it will assure the wellbeing of your belongings.

• Broaden the circle of connections – Since you relocated for work, you will eventually find out your connections in the workplace itself. But, it is better to be active on social platforms to remain updated on new things in the new city. You can join societies and groups, to find yourself in a comfort zone. If you can find time, you can look out for all the other opportunities the new city brings to you so you can carve a way for what’s next. Indulge in your favorite activities, talk to people in your society and try to bond with those who have recently moved into the place just like you did.


If you are someone relocating from Kanpur to Surat for some amazing work opportunity, you must be excited but nervous about a lot of things, at the same time. Relocation is a downright challenging task and the preparation list for the same is simply endless. The pre-move planning and execution of tasks are more like a journey in itself – you need a lot of time, an endless amount of patience, and also, ample monetary aid. But, there is one thing that you must have while you are planning for the move – it is the professionals from Agarwal Movers and Packers who would make your move easy & fun!