8 Amazing Tips to Ace Your Forthcoming House Moving Journey!


Relocations can be stressful. The struggle begins months before the actual moving date arrives and the fatigue remains for weeks after the move. So, we can say that moves are certainly one of the most challenging phases of our lives that we ever experience. For people like you, who might be planning for a move in the next few months, from Port Blair to Pune, but are thinking of the best ways to make it, without any loopholes or mishaps, can find some amazing pieces of packing and moving advice in this blog post. Here, we have discussed everything in detail and all you need to do is, follow them for your next move once you hire the moving professionals from Agarwal Packers for your moving day.

• Make moving plans early on – You must be very clear in your mind about the course of plan you are going to follow throughout the move. Right from the days you need to devote to your packing tasks, to the immediate responsibilities you want to fulfill and the packing materials you need to order ahead! Make sure you address every task at hand, prepare a checklist to track the progress of your work, and keep ticking off think from the list once it is complete. Do not delay planning for the move as it will guide you to what you should be doing next.

• Evaluate deals to choose one – The next big thing you should schedule your time for is, the moving personnel! You have to search for the best possible deals you can have within your moving budget. Collect as many moving quotations as possible and use the moving calculators to evaluate the moving estimate. Once a deal gets final, do review their terms of service, payment terms, costs and added fees, and range of services offered. See if the company is registered and has licensing terms. Insurance cover must be there in the deal you choose.

• Check your finances and plan – Once you have come across the ideal moving plan for your home shifting project, have a look at your financial stature – see how much more you would be required to spend throughout the moving journey. There are several impromptu expenses and some miscellaneous expenditures that we do have to pay for till the last minute of our move, think through all of that and discuss with your chosen moving team from Agarwal Packers and Movers. Keep a close track of your moving budget because there will be many more expenditures to pay for, post your relocation.

• Clarify some crucial things – Looking over your finances would give you an idea of how much you can afford to pay the movers for the additional services you choose from them. From handling your entire furniture section (involving dismantling and rearrangement), specialty items packing and moving, storage fees, equipment and moving vehicle cost, etc., etc. Also, inquire them about how the move would be scheduled, how long will it take for the delivery, and what is the degree of reimbursement offered with the purchased insurance coverage.

• Follow apt packing process – So, whether you are doing the packing task or your moving professionals, following the right packing methodology is primal to ensure your belongings reach you safely. For that, you should have the required packing materials including packing paper, plastic wraps, moving boxes in different sizes, bubble wraps, packaging tapes, name labels, permanent markers, etc. Make sure all the specialty items and furniture specifically are wrapped in first-rate packing, with ample cushioning. Every household item should be packed securely so they can survive even the toughest of jerks and jolts of the transit.

• Stick to the timeline always – Experts always say that people who planning relocations must start with their planning and preparation early on. The more casually approach your pre-moving tasks, the more you will end up slowing down the process. So, be proactive, get done with the priority tasks at first, before you reach out to the sorting and de-cluttering tasks ahead of the move. The night before the moving day, make sure everything is in place – your essentials kit is ready, your document folder is prepared and every item is packed and ready within the cartons.

• Avoid leaving things for the last minute – Have the utility service authorities been informed about your move? Have you notified your landowner about the same? What about the workplace people? If you have not yet sent mails out to your manager or your colleagues about the next few days off you have decided on, your work and business could be affected. The piled-up discarded items and donation bags have to be dropped to the concerned organizations before you move out. If you are running short of time, we would ask you to call the removals company and they will tackle the unmanageable goods at your place. Similarly, you can ask someone from the charity to collect the donation pile from your home, before you move out!

• Aspire to settle down faster – After you have reached your new home in the new city, you would certainly need some time to look over the home organization task. But, once you are done with that, do not remain idle and let the unfamiliarity bog you down. You will feel alone, but that’s okay. Try to get back to your work, so you do not feel that bad. Talk to your neighbors and other people in your society. Open up, make new friends, establish new connections over social platforms. Indulge in talks, pursue your long-left hobby, spend time with your family, watch movies, read books, get back to the life you led before the move.


This blog post was more like a relocation guide with all the key instructions and tips that you can follow to streamline your move. If you think, taking care of all of that is challenging and you need some expert guidance for the same, do not delay hiring the professional movers from Agarwal Movers and Packers on time. They will help you get over the stressful relocation times, pretty easily!