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8 Major Long-Distance Moving Mistakes You Should Avoid!

Moving long distance, for instance, from Kalighat to Kanpur – can be an unsettling and unmanageable affair for many. The overwhelming journey is worrisome, the kind of packing and preparations it calls for, is equally annoying but one cannot skip this situation at all. Booking the professional packers and movers in Kalighat at this point makes sense, only when you take note of their suggested tips and ideas, along with checking the possible long-distance moving mistakes we are sharing below.

Moving mistakes can ruin a well-planned move. And, regardless of the distance you move, taking care of the following ideas would be of much help! You will plan well and move smartly. So, let’s check out those major moving slip-ups one can face and how you can avoid them for your move.

• Not budgeting sensibly before the move – Not planning and preparing finances before carrying out a long-distance move can be a major drawback. Long-distance moves not only involve more distance but more hassle too. So, keep ample finances ready not only to pay for the basic – the moving expenses, insurance expenses, etc. but also to cater to the unforeseen expenses that might come along. Avoid spending money on miscellaneous things and start saving money a few months ahead of your move, so that your move happens without any financial disturbance. For more clarity on the moving expenses, discuss the same with movers.

• Not giving enough time to the move plan – The entire process of finding the right team of movers, carrying out the packing and moving tasks as per the long distance is a hassle in itself. So, you should start working on your moving plan early so that all the immediate tasks – including the packing and preparations and also, the in-transit journey and the post-move settlement happens without any glitch. Your plan should include all the essential aspects – the time and schedule of your move, the crucial tasks you will wrap up ahead of that day, the people you will notify, etc.

• Not protecting goods and valuables amply – It is quite obvious that with the extensive distance, the risk of in-transit damages would also be high. The moving vehicle would be on the roads for an extended duration, and shall certainly encounter multiple upheavals along the way. Even if the move happens flawlessly, one should be prepared well so that their goods remain intact throughout the move. Make sure the packing is done perfectly and the fragile goods are secured amply with bubble wraps, stretch wraps, moving blankets. Durable moving boxes, corrugated cartons, and a high-quality tape dispenser should also be used in packing.

• Not designing a realistic moving inventory – Just as you will start evaluating your goods for the packing task, you will get an idea of the items you shall move to your new home. Do not pack anything old, broken, or not in usable condition. Long-distance moves are quite an expensive affair and therefore, you should be all the more careful while deciding the moving goods and creating the moving inventory. This sorting and de-cluttering task should be carried out sensibly, over few days so you can come up with a refined moving inventory that fits in your budget.

• Not opting for temporary storage solutions – Temporary storage solutions are quite popular and are often booked by customers who are planning long-distance moves. Since we all have an ample amount of goods that we do not use regularly, picking up storage facilities at this point turns a savior. We can pack the storage items first and send them to the temporary storage units and only when our new home is ready and the space has been planned out for the storage items, we can get them to pack in our place. This might sound confusing, but it helps a lot in keeping both our old and new homes organized during the packing-moving process.

• Not booking genuine moving professionals – With long-distance moves, one has to be extra careful with a lot of aspects – and the first thing is finding and booking the right team of moving professionals. The risk is more because the distance is more and therefore the in-transit time would is also more. And without the assistance of a proficient packing team, we cannot be completely sure of the wellbeing of our goods and possessions. Since the process of deal hunting, researching movers, comparing, and shortlisting moving deals take time; we should start with it early. Also, make sure the team chosen is coming from a licensed, registered, and authorized company.

• Not buying full-coverage moving insurance – The risk of your goods getting damaged during a long-distance move is always at an all-time high. So, speak to the moving professionals about the insurance coverage protection they will provide. Having full-coverage moving insurance would make sense because with released value insurance cover, the amount of protection extended to you is limited and it is usually not enough for the high-value items we have in our collection. So, you must think about all that and keep an additional insurance cover in place, by getting it from your insurance provider.

• Not packing & labeling the goods properly – Last but not least, the safety and security of our goods and possessions greatly depends upon how well they have been packed and labeled. During the entire relocation journey, and primarily during the pre-moving and post-moving tasks – your moving cartons would be handled by multiple people – by you and the moving experts – the movers and packers in Kalighat – so you should reinstate time and again that the moving cartons are packed and secured well. Use quality packing materials and double-check that labeling of the moving cartons is in place and correctly done.

When it comes to long-distance moves, one should be all the more prepared – with the right kind of professional help and the above-mentioned tips and tricks shared in this article. Remember, the wellbeing of your goods should be your ultimate priority and there should not be any compromise with that. If you keep this thing in mind, carrying out a successful long-distance move is not less than a walkover!

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