9 Distinctive Moving Advises to Simplify Your Forthcoming House Move Journey!


Moving is always a challenge when you have less time left for the move and endless responsibilities to take care of. If you too are going through a similar situation, and are muddled up with a lot of things altogether, we would advise you to let things go easy. You cannot manage your move alone, ever. You need to have professionals guiding you with the right packing ideas and assistance. Let’s assume, you are moving from Delhi to Chandigarh, following a work opportunity and amidst your last-minute office tasks and new workplace formalities, you must be going through a major struggle, something that is not leaving enough time for you to focus on the packing job! Well, then do not worry because you can always rely on the moving professionals – the packers and movers in Delhi for help!

This is going to be a comprehensive blog post and so, we are going to discuss every smaller and bigger responsibility that you have to address if you are planning a move in the next few days. Of course, you can make changes to this moving guide and add up your ideas to it, but you must follow these by heart!

• Make sure your new home is finalized – If your newly purchased property is yet not prepared for a move-in, then there is no point in getting all the packing and preparation done in the first place. So, make sure you look into the matter seriously and complete the formalities at the earliest so you can focus on the rest of the pre-moving tasks with a settled mind.

• Wrap up your roles and responsibilities – By this point, we mean, you should complete the pending expenses, outstanding payments, and all the random bills that are still unpaid from your side for the services you availed of. This includes paying salaries to your driver, housekeeper, etc. Also, make sure you cancel all your subscriptions and memberships still active in your name and transfer them to your new address.

• Fulfill final duties of the workplace – Do not forget to collect your employment papers, experience documents, and any other important identity proof or thing you have submitted to your old company. Send emails to colleagues and the employer of your address change and ask them to stay in touch. If you are relocating for work, then you will have better broaden your circle of colleagues, in the new branch of your office.

• Make the necessary arrangements – If you have not booked your moving professionals yet, make sure you do that. Call up the service authorities to sever your existing connections – power, water, internet, cable from your current place of stay and get them reinstated in your new home before you move in. You can call up the professionals of home cleaning services to schedule an appointment when they will reach your new place to offer you a home clean-up service.

• Get into your packing task – To start with the packing task, you have to have ample time. You can involve other members of your family or even call up your friends to help you with the task. This will make the job fun and you will be able to accomplish it pretty soon. We would advise you to deal with one specific section of your room or simply an individual room and not every possible space. Decide which ones you want to pack and the ones that you want to let go of. The segregated items should be considered for sale, donation or disposal ahead of the move.

• Organize a backyard sale – Conducting a yard sale is a great way to let go of the unrequired stuff at your place in exchange for some money. Although this might sound easy in actuality, it is not. You need a good amount of planning for that as well. You need sufficient time and thought as to when and how you can pull off the sale well. So, decide upon a favourable date, weekends remain the most ideal times because you can have more people coming to your display and purchasing things. Pricing should be fair enough, ideal for second-hand products.

• Finalize your professional movers – As we mentioned above, you will have to call up professional movers to have a seamless moving experience. Make sure you research and find out the best available deals as per your moving budget. Stay away from moving scams by not getting intrigued by the appealing websites and advertisements. Slash rates and hidden fees often shape into a moving scam. So, be cautious. Do your groundwork, compare the rates and charges carefully, read the terms and conditions thoroughly before giving an acceptance for the moving deal.

• Purchase the right insurance cover – You don’t need to have to buy insurance from the moving company you choose, you can opt for it from your moving insurance agent as well, but make sure you do not skip it. It will charge you some extra bucks but will ensure the well-being of your belongings throughout the transit. Clarify the reimbursement you will get in case there is some mishap and also inquire which items are covered in the plan.

• Tip your movers generously – We do hire professionals and also pay them for their quoted fee for the services they entail but it is fair enough and a great way to appreciate and acknowledge the assistance they have provided you all these days. It makes for a great gesture and encourages them to further work on their conduct and services in the future.


Leaving your old home and moving to a new one is undeniably an exciting feeling. But what seems to trouble you even after all the happiness and thrill is the complicated packing task. You remain confused about where to start from and where to go. But, just relax. Moves become a manageable affair when you have efficient support from the expert movers and packers in Delhi, and a fantastic relocation manual to take you through the ups and downs of your moving journey quite effortlessly!