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9 Video Conferencing Tips While Working from Home

Video conferencing has become essential in this modern world to keep team members connected. The majority of businesses are now transitioning to remote working and meetings are now being conducted online. 

So, if you are new to video conferencing, you need to know the things that you need to consider when you are in a video call. This article shows you nine tips to ensure that you get the best possible video conferencing experience. Hopefully, these tips help reach your goals. 

1. Set up your space.

When you are on a video call, frame the camera correctly. Put the camera at eye level and position yourself not too close or too near to the camera. This will allow you to look at the camera naturally and directly at the person whom you’re conversing with online. 

It is also important to pick a bright spot for your space. Poor lighting will have an effect on the video quality so make sure your face is well lit. But do not just rely on natural light since there will be instances where you need to work at night. 

Tip: Set up an office lighting to brighten up your space. Your background should also be work-appropriate. A messy or disorganized set-up is a no-no. 

2. Check the internet speed.

Before your meeting starts, use a speed test tool to check your internet’s speed. If you think it won’t be enough, consider moving closer to your router and closing other running apps. Having a backup internet is also highly suggested for a hassle-free video. If you’re using VoIP to communicate with your team or clients, a good internet connection is also necessary. 

3. Be on time and stay focused.

To attend the video conference on time is the same as being punctual in a physical meeting. It won’t be easy to sneak away when you enter the meeting late since people will notice and it can cause interruptions in one way or another.

Being punctual also shows your team that you’re committed and on top of things even when you’re working from home. This helps you earn your company’s trust. 

4. Ensure all your tools work correctly.

Run a test on your headset and microphone beforehand to avoid meeting delays. Check the audio clarity and speaker volume. Note that to have a successful video conference while working from home, all team members should be able understand each other and be able to communicate clearly to achieve the conference’s goal. 

5. Organize all data ahead of time.

If you will lead the meeting, make it a habit to list down all your talking points and prepare all the information that you’re going to share. Sharing it with your team before the meeting starts also sets the right expectations. Make sure everyone will have access to the document before your meeting starts to avoid spending too much time waiting for everyone to catch up. 

6. Wear appropriate working clothes.

Since you’re working remotely, you might be tempted to attend a conference in your favorite sweatshirt. Show professionalism by dressing up as if you’re attending a face to face meeting. There’s no need to overdo it with a full-on suit or tuxedo. Women don’t need to put on full make-up either. What’s most important is that you look neat, decent, and respectable. 

7. Mute yourself when not speaking.

Background noises can be distracting, which is why you should keep yourself muted when it’s not your turn to speak. Muting is especially important when you’re attending a conference with tens to hundreds of participants. This doesn’t only keep noise to a minimum, but it also prevents unnecessary interruptions. Just remember to unmute yourself when it’s your turn to speak. 

8. Signal when you want to talk.

During a personal meeting, it’s a lot easier to establish cues to determine if it is the right time to speak. To prevent interrupting someone while in a video conference you need to observe and wait for a moment of silence during the discussion, then that is a good chance to speak up. 

The use of signals such as raising your hand or finger, or sending a chat to all participants might also be helpful to have a smooth transition. If your company holds regular video calls you can decide on a good signal idea to use. 

9. Know when to turn off your video. 

The best time to turn off your camera is when you need to stand up to do something quickly or if your kid/pet interrupts. Doing this prevents the rest of the team from getting distracted. 

Final Thoughts

These are just some essential tips that may improve your experience in your video conference and ensure optimal communication. There are a ton of distractions that could happen during an online conference, which is why it’s essential for remote teams to be fully prepared. Technology can fail at times or you may be unaware of certain personal habits that make you look unprofessional. We hope that these strategies help!

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