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Facial Recognition Comparison with Java and C ++ using HOG

HOG - Histogram of Oriented Gradients (histogram of oriented gradients) is an image descriptor format, capable of summarizing the main characteristics of an image, such as faces for example, allowing comparison with similar images.This article and tutorial is...

Quick Overview The Industries Most Affected by AI in 2020

Some predictions say that by the end of this decade, more than 500 million people will have to completely forget their current skillset and start learning new ones if they want to stay employed. "Astounding" Artificial Intelligence statistics for 2020...

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Using $auth Module’s Redirect in Tandem With $router.push in Nuxt.js

Recently I came across the issue of using the auth module in Nuxt.js and invoking a $router.push in the...
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Flutter vs. React Native: What App Developers Should Know About Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Bringing a spirit of novelty in the mobile development industry just recently, hybrid app development has become one of the most popular...

6 Effective Ways to Stay Ahead of Your Competition Using Social AI

MarketsandMarkets forecasts that by 2023, AI in the social media market will be worth $2,197.1 million.  Why is this? 

SaaS Marketers Converting Less: Latest Research on Landing Pages from Unbounce

SaaS landing pages have changed a lot over the last 10 years. Long gone are the days of blocky designs, cold...

Coronavirus and Crypto: Increasing Access to Sound Money

To say that the Coronavirus is leaving an incredible impact on the world today would be a gross understatement.  However, it’s...