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5 Must-Have & Highly Recommended Tablets for Drawing in 2020

In the past, when there were no graphics tablets or drawing tablets, artists had to use lots of brush of varied thickness in order to present their drawing skills. However, one wrong swipe and the artist had to erase the painting. Moreover, at that time, artists faced several difficulties to draw, too. 

Fortunately, things got simpler after the launch of some top-notch software like Autodesk Sketchbook, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and so on. Therefore, nowadays, most of the paint lovers prefer tablets for drawing. However, the problem is, sometimes artists are unable to decide which tablet can fulfil their drawing needs. Are you one of them? Then, here, we will answer all your queries.

Tips on Buying Drawing Tablets

Now, if you are a digital artist and wish to purchase the top-notches drawing tablets, then you must check out several aspects. Fortunately, if you keep in mind the following points, then things will be easier for you. 


This is the most important aspect that you should remember as the size of your drawing tablets can make a big difference. For example, if you purchase a big size tablet, definitely you will get plenty of space for drawing. Also, this will come with more shortcut keys along with higher input qualities. 


Most of the drawing tablets are designed with function keys. And as per your needs, these keys can be programmed. Now, on some models, you will see the function keys around the drawing area. While on the other hand, some drawing tablets include the function keys on the pen. Remember that, the model that contains function keys on the pen will surely save your time.

Pressure Sensitivity

Drawing tablets can capture pen motion and pressure information. Nowadays, most of the drawing tablets are equipped with pressure sensors. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you must buy a tablet that comes with this sensitivity feature.

Finally, you must opt for a graphic tablet that can be quickly repaired when you take it to your nearby Tablet Repair center.

5 Best Drawing Tablets for 2020

In the following section, some of the top-notch drawing tablets and their specifications are given. Remember that, this research was totally based on customer feedback and after consulting with professionals.

  1. Wacom Cintiq 22

Wacom Cintiq is known as one of the cheapest high-class drawing tablets. The large drawing area makes it comfortable to draw a picture. Apart from this, the anti-glare glass surface will help you to create a slight texture. Also, Cintiq 22 comes with an amazing tablet pen that offers 8192 level pressure sensitivity. In 2020, this model upgrades itself to a resolution of 1920×1080.  Besides, to turn on this drawing tablet, there’s no need for a battery, as this runs through electromagnetism. 

  1. Apple iPad Pro 12.9

Recently, Apple iPad Pro upgraded itself with an 8-core graphics engine. Thus, now you will get a faster running feature. Besides, Apple Pro 12.9 tablet is designed with a Retina screen, that’s just fantastic and provides you with a wide colour gamut. Want to know what will be the drawing experience with this model? Remember, this Apple will offer you enormous drawing features. Apart from this, if you download a drawing app from the App store to this tablet, you will discover a perfect artist within you. Of course, the Apple pencil can sense the drawing pressure with a CPU of A12Z Bionic.

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

One of the biggest advantages of the Microsoft Pro 7 tablet is that here you will get a full-fat desktop software. Hence, without any compromise with the performance, you can use the top drawing apps like Photoshop CC. Apart from this, Surface Pro 7 is designed with an intel quad-core chip. Therefore, you will get all the short keys and be able to handle the tricky filters. Besides, you can quickly connect this model with any peripheral. The 12.3-inch large screen with a high resolution of 2736×1824 really makes this model unique from others.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 6

In case, you wish to purchase the best lightweight drawing tablet, then Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 will be perfect for you. With this model, you will get a fantastic AMOLED screen. And, the powerful processor along with two rear cameras make it more flexible. The best feature of the Galaxy Tab 6 is that it is equipped with an S pen stylus. This indicates not only you can draw, but also with the S pen stylus, you can take down notes as well. For your information, this model has a storage capacity of 128/256GB along with a resolution of 1600×2560.

  1. XP- Pen G640S

XP G640S is a straightforward drawing tablet that can be connected with any devices, such as laptop, computer, smartphone or any other device. The stylus combination can provide 8192 pressure sensitivity levels. Also, the XP-Pen G640S model is only 10 mm thick. This indicates you can easily put it in your bag and go anywhere. Apart from this, it comes with six customizable Express keys which allow you to access the tablet the way you want. Also, this model is compatible with any software.


In today’s world, many people choose to paint as their professional. However, for that, it’s compulsory that you have the best drawing tablet. Hope, you can easily choose any one tablet from these. However, if any problem arises, you must contact the nearby Tablet Repair center.

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