Best Way to build Peer-to-Peer Marketplace software in 2021 with all facts?


With the growth of technology and eCommerce platforms, all business enterprises have almost become necessary to take their business online. Even small scale businesses and individuals opt to sell their products on peer to peer marketplace as these offer more exposure to a broader customer base.

peer to peer marketplace allow you to reach out to a broader customer base making it easier for you to sell your products. You can reach out to customers you would not have otherwise had access to in the traditional sales format.

But with changing times and technology, you will have to build P2P marketplaces to stand out in the competition. 

Difference between P2P marketplace platform and online store

According to our experience, this is a theme that most e-commerce newcomers are interested in. So for better understanding, we decided to outline the specific nature of both.

An online store is a multifunctional site which makes possible sales through the Internet. It means that you, as the online store owner conducts the sale, you bring suppliers and buyers together, you set prices and carry all expenses for the maintenance that your store requires.

A marketplace platform is a place where two groups of people meet: someone is looking for particular services or goods, others want to provide these products under particular conditions. Some marketplaces allow monitoring the execution of the transaction and comply with the obligations of suppliers and customers.

A person-to-person marketplace owner doesn’t make any sales, you just providing people with a platform for the exchange of things. The main challenge for you to make this platform user-friendly.

steps to a successful marketplace

Business model

Your P2P marketplace can be an ecommerce platform or a service platform. Your platform offers the possibility to buy, rent, or loan things. And you’re either serving a B2C (business-to-consumer) audience or a B2B (business-to-business marketplace) audience.

You will also need to decide your P2P revenue model. Your pricing strategy can either consist of commissions, fees, or a combination of these. Most marketplaces use commissioning, so they take a chunk of the transaction price, as well as some type of fee. For example, marketplaces like Airbnb and Etsy charge payment fees and static fees. 

P2P marketplace idea 

Your next task is to come up with a peer to peer marketplace idea. Already have one? Great, you can move on to the next section.

If not, let’s talk it through. 

You don’t need a unique idea

First, contrary to what many think, most successful marketplaces aren’t the first of their kind. Take Amazon or Airbnb. There were other, similar websites before they came along. And today, there are successful marketplaces in the same industry, even if those marketplaces tend to be niched in one way or another.


First, ensure that your idea is profitable. If you calculate an estimated average order price (based on whatever your products usually sell for), how many users will your platform need? 

Make sure you know the numbers before you start building your marketplace.

Validating your idea

Second, even if an idea feels good, you will need to validate it. What does this mean? Get your potential users and customers to show you that they want and need your marketplace platform.

The best way to do this is to first interview people in your target market. You can find these people by posting on social media, such as in Facebook groups and on LinkedIn, and ask people to jump on a quick call with you.

What are the most popular p2p marketplace software for serving small task?


TaskRabbit is an online peer to peer marketplace which offers services that would aid the users with their day to day tasks. Whether your need is cleaning or heavy lifting or mounting/installation or grocery shopping or any other endless number of tasks, for indubitably there are and they are all important in organizing our lives well; TaskRabbit understands it and offers an immediate help with all such tasks (so that it can earn and enjoy carrots :p). Thus, TaskRabbit is a same-day service platform providing instant aid. It is an on demand platform and follows the crowdsourced economy. 

These days people often live alone and travel and work hence there are more chances that they do not get time for household chores. With TaskRabbit, those bunch of people could benefit. While the group that is interested in household activities or wish to earn from this offers their services and benefits. Thus, TaskRabbit plays an essential role in offering its contribution to Home Services Sector.

TaskRabbit Clone by NCrypted is an online marketplace platform that lets the users find help in their neighbor for their daily tasks like cleaning, handyman, gardening, animal care, plumbing, etc. It is an initiative to provide a mediatory platform between the freelancers (labors) and the customers. 

TaskRabbit Clone can be described as a real world job provider. Clients can post tasks or services on the site along with the maximum amount they could pay for the task or service. When a freelancer make bids for completing their task, admin can check their pre-certified works, background and whether they have accomplished tasks before on deadline or not. Then rights are transferred to users in taskrabbit clone to select the best bid among all being submitted best suitable for their personal project.


Are you thinking to start your own website like Airtasker? Or are you already in the same business and want to go online? See, the ultimate goal of you and us is the same to make the lives of the people easy and take your business ahead of your competitors.

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