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How to Backup iPhone without Passcode Broken Screen

iPhones are comparatively slimmer devices than smartphones that are available in the market. Thus, users have high...
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Using $auth Module’s Redirect in Tandem With $router.push in Nuxt.js

Recently I came across the issue of using the auth module in Nuxt.js and invoking a $router.push in the subsequent line of code in...

Flutter vs. React Native: What App Developers Should Know About Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Bringing a spirit of novelty in the mobile development industry just recently, hybrid app development has become one of the most popular...

6 Effective Ways to Stay Ahead of Your Competition Using Social AI

MarketsandMarkets forecasts that by 2023, AI in the social media market will be worth $2,197.1 million.  Why is this? 

SaaS Marketers Converting Less: Latest Research on Landing Pages from Unbounce

SaaS landing pages have changed a lot over the last 10 years. Long gone are the days of blocky designs, cold...