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Christmas! I Prepared my Outfit.

Christmas! I prepared my outfit.

In the family, it’s always a party to prepare for Christmas. In terms of decoration, everything has been in place since the end of November at the house: you have a small preview with the first photo which represents a close-up of our coffee table in the living room. Warm, golden brown tones, with a subtle mix of gold and silver for the party, all dusted in white to inspire the winter spirit. Even if in our beautiful Bordeaux region, winter is increasingly mild, and we rarely have the opportunity to see snow. The menu is also almost entirely listed and ordered; we have plenty of time to think about and plan our outfit, or perhaps “our outfits” sooner.

Like us, are you part of those who celebrate Christmas several times, not to mention New Year’s Eve? This means several outfits to plan depending on the setting and the atmosphere of the place …

  • Above is one of the outfits we are planning for the evening with friends, both chic and relaxed: a meal organized at one of the guests. We had unearthed, a few weeks ago, a unique and original piece: a small vintage miniskirt from Jean Dessès, French manufacture. This model is not from his haute couture house (from 1978 to 1982’s the brand signature is different), but it more probably comes from his ready-to-wear collection launched in mass distribution in the sixties, for the Galeries Lafayette in particular.

This model is surprisingly topical, its material in silver muslin, takes its original texture from ramie which is a fiber of plant origin (plant of the nettle family). Characteristic of the style of Jean Dessès (see article Jean Dessès wikipedia ), the model is worked in crumpled effect. See the superb Balmain model from the fall-winter 2018/2019 show, we’re totally on trend! We love it, we love it!

We wear it with a vintage top (also found in thrift stores) Luisa Spagnoli; lurex style, in silky and extensible material in silver threads, which nicely emphasizes the silhouette. Light material, very elegant and super trendy. Louisa Spagnoli is a somewhat intimate Italian luxury brand, created by an Italian top model.

This skirt is also lovely in a day version with a nice jacquard sweater from Caroll, gray and purple, with silver sequins: they go perfectly together. We left the sweater on the skirt to show you the model, but for more modernity wear your sweater rather indoors.

So here again, an example of outfit mixing on the occasion of this presentation of holiday outfits. By choosing the right parts, you can create different well-designed assemblies for different occasions.

Now let’s take a look at one of our favorite outfits for these holidays: the cocooning chic mixing a very 80’s disco sequined jacket and a long black mesh skirt that is both chic and comfortable!

The very disco night 80’s sequin jacket comes to channel the wise long mesh skirt, very neo-bourgeois; the New Year’s Eve touch is marked by the gold and silver mix of the sequined jacket and the silver lamé tank top.

This little jacket can just as easily be worn as a day version, black jeans and patent leather ankle boots from the Macduff store. It’s a big trend this season: we wear sequins as soon as you jump out of bed; and we like it, shine with all our lights in broad daylight!

This long mesh skirt from MISSY in a beautiful deep black, is formed high waist with a very wide waist band below which starts a flared skirt with relief and gradient patterns. Quality item with an impeccable finish.

Indeed, Missy is a high-end brand that was born in Germany in 1997. Between 1997 and 2009, Missy continued to develop its design style and quality by increasing its points of sale in boutiques with unique models and superior quality. Missy is now a high-end brand of stores in Germany and France, which is growing across Europe.

This skirt can keep its bon-chic bon-genre with a small openwork black knit sweater cut at the waist by a large braided golden belt (unknown brand, found new in thrift store). She can also play rockabilly with an adorable little gray leather jacket, very 70’s, from Blend she; Blend she being a brand created in Denmark in 2001 for a young audience.

  • Missy long knit skirt – Blend she short leather jacket
  • Missy long knit skirt – small openwork sweater ZARA

All of this outfit was found in an empty dressing room: the skirt was found new with its label (we very often find new items in thrift stores, donated by bankrupt shops for example), and other second-hand items. hand were like new! Enough to celebrate Christmas while keeping your budget….

We wish you Happy Holidays, Happy New Years and Happy New Year 2021

See you next year, with its share of good resolutions….

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