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DIY Desk Ideas That Will Miraculously Turn Any Room Into a Home Office

You don’t need a separate room for achieving WFH success. This thing is becoming more and more clear to people living in confined spaces. All you need is a table! I was reading home the best home automation system when I stumbled upon some cool DIY desk ideas, which I will be sharing later.

We all love extra space, perhaps a dedicated space to work in peace, take zoom meetings, study, and strategize. Don’t forget, to do all of that, you must remain productive. Believe it or not, productivity is tied to where you sit and work – in other words a table/desk. If you are trying to work from an unused corner in the living/bedroom, or even the kitchen, you are in luck. All you need is a tiny little corner to make it work. With some clever repurposing techniques, you can make a desk for yourself and call it your home office. 

Designers have shared some DIY desk ideas through which anyone can make their dream dedicated workspace and work in peace. Let’s check these options:

1: Construct Your Own Desk

Those who have experience with making wooden structures or are handy when it comes to tools, consider buying wood scraps and building your own desk. Make sure to get the measurements right. This job requires more than basic skills plus it requirements commitment. Don’t hesitate to pass and move on to the next options.

2: Use the Dinner Table

Save yourself the trouble, instead of making a desk, convert your dining table into a desk. If the table is large, two people can share it too. Be sure to pack your stuff up once you’re done because you would be needing the same table to eat as well.

3: How About Using Patio Furniture?

If you have a patio then I am sure you have a patio table too. Use it as a desk! Give it a fresh look by coating it with paint. If you have extra time on hand, check out some DIY videos on YouTube to change the look of the table and enjoy using this self-designed table even more!

4: Go Simple, Install a Bracket Shelf

The simplest yet most functional desk for WFH is a bracket shelf. Find a quiet corner in the house, install the bracket shelf and decorate it just the way you like. Now, this may not be something extravagant, it will do the job just right. It’s a perfect idea for small homes/apartments. Make sure you install the shelf at the right height for maximum comfort.

5: Get an Ikea Desk

Ikea is the master of using small storage spaces. Grab the most affordable desk from Ikea and make it visually appealing by arranging all your work accessories. 

6: Use a Shelf Unit

Find an unused corner and Install a shelf unit. They are widely available for sale on Amazon and Ikea. This little corner will serve as a perfect retreat, especially if you are a writer.

7: Convert a Bench Into a Table

Visit your nearest thrift shop and ask if they have an old side table, console table, or an old bench. This idea is perfect if you want to create a rustic workspace. 

Bring it home and paint it to give it a fresh look. 

8: Unleash the Designer in You

When you can’t fit in additional furniture, go for a folding desk. Place the folding desk in front of a bookshelf if you have one. This DIY desk idea is perfect for bookworms. 

9: Cubby Shelf

Another idea is to buy a stackable shoe cubby organizer and use it as an office desk. The stackable design works well for confined spaces. This will give it a great visual appeal and organize your office supplies in those extra storage units.

Summing Up

There we have it folks, these are some interesting DIY desk ideas to create a productive workspace. Don’t forget to invest in a nice and comfortable office chair because having a desk is not the only important thing.

Work from home is likely to stay with us for a while. Some organizations have allowed their employees to work from home offices indefinitely as well. Don’t wait further, use these ideas to build a nice desk for yourself even if you are short of space!

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