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Download JIOFi Latest Version Firmware FXN_JMR540_R6.16

JIOFI 3 firmware update file download

Do you want to download JIOFI Latets Version Firmware.

If you are reading this post unlock your JioFi device to use any other sim. You can follow an alternative way to unlock your JioFi wifi dongle device.

Download FXN_JMR540_R6.16 latest version

File is getting ready to download. Please wait for 15 seconds

Download the latest version of JioFi Firmware

If you are here and reading this blog, possibly there are two reasons. One you want to unlock your JioFi Dongle or just to want the latest version of the current framework. There are many benefits to updating this FXN_JMR540_R6.16 version of the firmware. Although I am also using the same version of firmware but didtnt find any issue or bug except a small one. No data off feature or reboot feature in current version. So i have updated the firmware. t

What to do before updating the FXN_JMR540 firmware? 

  • Full charge your JIOFI wifi dongle
  • Hard Reset to JIOFI. The default setting is best practice to upgrade JioFi.
  • Eject memory card if inserted in the slot.
  • Download the latest version of FXN_JMR540 JioFi firmware version from the shared link.

Please note, you are not seeing the download button due to some temporary technical issues. Please wait for 15 minute only and visit again. Our engineers are fixing this issue right now. Thanks for co-operation

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