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Are eCommerce sales disappointing? 4 Tips for retailers for more sales

What would happen if you and your staff in your physical store only mentioned the name, brand and price of the item and immediately ended with: “Add to basket?” and “To the checkout?”

That would not work in practice. You have offered your product but not sold it. It is often thought that eCommerce will immediately increase your sales, but this is not always the case.

As an omnichannel retailer, you have a huge advantage over pure online sellers because of your existing customer base and the trust you have already created, but that is why your sales do not go automatically. An eCommerce is just as much a store, it also requires a clear offer and here too you must inform your visitors about your offer and sell your products.

Let your customers dream away with your products and create an atmosphere and experience

The customer experience is determined by all interactions with the customer, before, during and after the sale, including online. Whatever aspects tell the story of your brand and determine your customer experience, make sure that they also consistently appear in your eCommerce.

Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild and try to dive into the experience of your potential buyers. Admittedly, for some articles that are a lot easier than for others, but do not let this put you off your head. You buy collections because you are convinced that they will catch on with your customers. You have probably already experienced many products in your own mind during your purchases. It is precisely that conviction and experience that you must extend to your eCommerce and the visualization of your product range.

If you can make sure that potential customers are already using or wearing the item in their mind, the purchase is no longer far

The experience of a beach bag is quickly triggered in a nice setting on the beach with a blue sky. A sturdy hiking shoe will sell better when it is depicted in inclement weather conditions at the feet of a tough bink in the mountains.

Although these are completely different products, one thing is always the same. The experience is at least as important as the product. You should try to make sure that your potential customers are already using or wearing the item in their mind, then the effective purchase is no longer far away.

Design your eCommerce like your store and give your customers what they are looking for

In an eCommerce your visitors can go through the offer much faster than in your physical store, this does not mean that you should, therefore, leave your online visitors to their own devices. You should try to make it even easier for them to shop with you. If you know your customers, you probably already know how to do it best. You probably also deliberately organized your physical store in a certain way for better shopping experience for your customers: based on color, season, collection, etc. does it correspond to that of your eCommerce?

You probably also deliberately arranged your physical store in a certain way for a better shopping experience, does that also apply to your eCommerce?

In this way, you will probably also have a good idea of ​​the type of customer who comes shopping with you and what he or she mainly pays attention to, or which characteristics are important or even decisive. For example, the brand behind a certain article or product is something that is often seen by the consumer as a quality label, customers of other retailers may pay more attention to price, material or color.

It is therefore important that you know your customers, so you can spoil them and improve their shopping experience by responding to this. For example, the wording or the order of the filter options in your eCommerce can make a world of difference in your turnover.

The faster and easier your customers find what they are looking for, the more likely they are to make a purchase

This certainly also applies to the sorting of your products on the category pages on your eCommerce. Bargain hunters and price shoppers will not delight you with standard sorting on ‘price from high to low’, brand shoppers will appreciate that you sort your offer by default on ‘brand from A – Z’.

Sell your products in their descriptions as you would in your store

There is clearly an interest when your visitors are on a product’s detail page. When they surf to the detail page you can assume that you have aroused their interest, well done! And basically the same as a customer who takes an item from the rack in your store for further research. And now?

It is not enough just to mention the title and the price because it usually does not work in your physical store. Indicate why they need the product, what they can do with it, or how they can wear it. You should really be commending your products in the description of your product. You arouse interest on the homepage and category pages of your eCommerce, on the detail page of a product you sell them.

Bonus Tip: Look in your statistics and start enriching the descriptions of the most visited detail pages of your eCommerce. This way you see the result of your efforts faster and here you have the highest return.

Let’s compare it with the physical store. What would you say to a customer who comes with an article in her hand to ask you: “Do you also have this in black?” Even now the product is examined in detail. You can then recommend another item to combine, indicate that it is one of the most popular items of the season or that it never disappears from your offer and is always in stock.

Perhaps your customers find it important to know that the article never shrinks, for example, or they especially value technical data such as the CPU or memory of a device. Extend the experience in your store to your eCommerce, which is omnichannel. Moreover, something that you can do perfectly in between at a quiet moment and is really worth making time for.

Display the details or possibilities of a product that you point to in your store

Online shoppers want to determine as soon as possible whether or not a product meets their expectations. With several good images, you can respond perfectly to that. Although you cannot have your product fitted or tested online, you can show your products from multiple angles to get as close as possible. Does a jacket have a special lining or an extra inner pocket? Then show that. Is it an article that you really should see in action? Then consider videos to demonstrate all the possibilities.

Incorporate your own style into your images for a stronger image

How would you present the item in your physical store? Which details of the article do you point out to the customer? In the case of clothing, a photo can also show how the item is best worn or how you can combine it. In addition, you can incorporate your own style here, which ensures a stronger image and thus confidence in you as a retailer and your products grow.


Make sure that the experience of your products is always central, otherwise, your eCommerce will never become more than an online catalog and the average consumer is not waiting for that today. You know your customers, you know how they shop, make it as simple as possible and guide them in their search in your eCommerce. Good product images are necessary, online your customers simply cannot research products in the same way as in the store.

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Rosie Harman is a Senior Content Strategist, specializing in Technology. She holds a Master's in Business Administration from The University of Texas at Arlington and has spent the majority of her career working in tech giants in Texas. When she's not helping the content team, Rosie enjoys adventuring with her two children around her home town.

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