Father’s day bobblehead doll


Unlike what you have previously given to your friends and family, it perfectly shows off their personality. With a unique gift that stands out from the crowd, they will love the concept and the intricate personalized bobblehead doll design. In the process that requires those pictures, each bobblehead doll is created with its own facial features. Taking care of each product we create, the similarities are amazing.

What is custom bobblehead doll?

They are high quality from the best materials and etched to look precisely like the image you painted or the photograph you gave. Time is of the pith, don’t squander anything else of it and request for your tweaked bobblehead doll now.Personalized bobblehead dolls are a special way to recognize someone in your life and thank them for the wonderful things they have accomplished. If you’re looking for the ideal gift for a couple or family, you don’t have to look anymore. They are cheap, but they last forever.

We shape the doll to resemble the picture you give us. All you need to take a picture is an unmistakable front view of the person you want to shoot and the result! You have a unique and soothing bobblehead doll. Below are the top 5 personalized bobblehead dolls for couples and families.

To ensure consumer loyalty, we provide free approval so that you can make changes at key points at various stages of the carving process. Email hair proof, head proof, body confirmation and final confirmation for final approval. Each confirmation we send to you can be confirmed or adjusted by you. This step is important because once the dolls are prepared, they cannot be moved in reverse and all pieces are of high quality and can vary in size, but most dolls are 6.5 in height. ~ 12 inches.

Would you like to customize your Father’s Day bobblehead doll as an unexpected gift?

Even if you know everything, buying the right gift for your dad can be a challenge. You don’t want it to be too emotional or flashy, but it shouldn’t be too ordinary or cheap.

On this big day, you are always trying to make your dad the happiest person in the world. But one small mistake in worrying about the gift you bought her section can ruin her day. Custom photo bobblehead dolls can help solve the problem.

Just below, we’ve put together different types of bobblehead dolls as the best Father’s Day gifts for all types of dads. This time, I am trying to bring out that smile from my father. You deserve it. Most importantly, you don’t have to spend a lot of time making your father feel truly unique and recognized. Because you are the best Father’s Day gift they have received.

Our craftsmen can customize the bobblehead doll from the pictures and the doll can be decorated with your favorite costume. You can get a mini daddy figure just by providing one or two front photos of your father. It’s very easy, but it’s cool, isn’t it?

Sports bobblehead doll for dad

There are more than 50 types of sports bobblehead dolls for basketball, soccer, golf, running, swimming and more. One of the most popular is the golf bobblehead doll with a club on the wrist. If your dad is currently a golf club player, imagine how great it would be for him to see a bobblehead doll in a golf setting! At his age, he definitely wants to hang out playing green games regardless of the world.

Father’s day bobblehead doll

It’s time to thank your dad for his love and support in our lives. Based on feedback from previous customers, we have customized many dolls, especially with the theme of Father’s Day. These dolls have some superhero themes and father-daughter father-son themes because the clothes have “Super Daddy” written on them, or because the father is the superhero of our world!

I’m using a bobblehead doll like wedding bobblehead for my dad.Father’s Day has a unique meaning in our culture. Remember that it was your dad who worked every day to help you live well and get what you needed. So why not personalize your bobblehead doll to suit your dad’s profession?

Regardless of whether you or your sweetheart appreciate watching the game or playing it, in the event that you are a baseball fan, at that point you would prefer not to be without this one. Most particularly in the event that you both love the game. This wonderful doll would leave you experiencing passionate feelings for the game and your sweetheart once more, while it perpetually helps you to remember that beautiful minute in your life you need engraved. Have them created and exhibited to your darling this coming new year, and watch only that occur.

Custom Super Doctor Bobblehead Doll

So, on Father’s Day, the gift to Dad must convey your gratitude for everything Grandfather gave you. Imagine the laughter and praise from your father who saw your personalized mini version!

Bobblehead dolls, personalized from their photos, are a particular way to surprise them with the gifts they will definitely cherish over the years to come.

Choosing a gift for a loved one is not always easy. Especially if you want to mark an important moment in their life or make a strong impression.

Often, we roam around to find the best gifts, the ones that suit the person’s personality and interests, and the ones that will remain wonderful souvenirs for a truly long time.

By customizing the doll head doll, you can get the “mini person” you love, which is very similar to the picture you provided.

Make your own bubble head doll that looks just like you
Step 1: Select your favorite bobblehead model
There are several collections of bobblehead dolls to choose from, including graduations, couples, weddings, humor, sports, kids, doctors, superheroes and more.
If you can’t find the model you’re looking for, you can also customize the bobble 100% from the photos you provided.

Step 2 – Upload a front photo that needs to be customized
If you select a model on your website, all you have to do is upload a front photo. After that, our craftsmen will definitely customize the base face of the bobblehead doll in the uploaded image. Please focus. I couldn’t change my facial expression later.
If you choose a 100% custom bobblehead doll, you need to upload a head-to-toe photo consisting of poses and outfits. In addition, you need to upload another front photo to customize the facial expression.

Step 3: Our craftsmen will start engraving it for you
After ordering, our craftsmen will prepare to carve the face of the bobblehead doll from the day after your order.

Step 4: Correct or check the face
If you are not satisfied after taking a facial test, please provide your nomination. Then our craftsmen will fix it until you are satisfied. Please note that each change may take an additional 2-3 business days. After checking the face, the craftsman will add hair and customize the body.

Step 5: Completed and shipped
After our craftsman completes the doll, our service will pack the product according to the shipping method you have previously selected and send it to the carrier.

All personalized bobblehead dolls are handmade and unique, making them the perfect gift for family and friends. Ubobblehead has been a leading manufacturer of custom bobblehead dolls since 2010, producing bobblehead dolls for tens of thousands of people. Customer support is our motivation to do better.