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Google’s Web App Plans Clashes with Apple’s Safari Rules

Google was originated from the web, and Apple started their venture with its products. Both of the multi-billionaire companies over the Nokia. After capturing the market worldwide, both the venture tried coming up with new strategies to implement on users worldwide. Due to this, now there is a collision between two to fight for the future web. 

Google, with Android and Apple, with its iOS system battling for the mobile operating system. Google, as its primary motive, resides over the web development by adding advertisement for the revenue. As of the 2019 data, Google’s ads generated 134.81 billion US dollars. The future of google focuses on web development in apps and software. It can run based on the operating system like Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Apple has a different vision, on the other hand. They are more concerned about their quality and security, as it cannot be compromised with suspicious ads and pop-ups display. Apple is more likely dependent on the iPhones and other tons of apps running on their system.

Compared with Google, they are least interested in web developments. This can cut off the earning potential in the upcoming time. Google is already dominating the users with all the latest technology news, and who knows the next new tech can be a big drawback for Apple and iOS users.

These are the few highlighted specific areas of Google and Apple with their perspective towards the development of future technology:

Google’s Web App Development

Google’s biggest hit includes the on and only chrome browser, which leads the Sunder Pichai to become the CEO of Google. More than 65% of the Android (google’s developed system) users have the default browser as chrome in their smartphone. As per that, they are more aimed toward trying to make programmed web and app more able to run on Andriod. Anyways they are dominant over the web apps for many years.

One of the projects was introduced, Fugu. Fugu aims to expand and look forward to improving browser abilities and goals to make them similar functioning, just like any other native app or code can do. Google is trying to mould new technology called “progressive web apps” identical to any other native apps, but the web powers it. It can work even without the internet, and one can launch it just with the icon from your PC’s start menu and mobile’s home screen. Many of the big industries are using PWA such as Trivago, Uber, 

E-commerce sites like Flipkart and Starbucks even doubled its consumers after using it. 

PWAs would not work in the chrome of iPhone, just the technologies built for Andriod chrome.

Unfortunately, Google cannot replace Apple’s products, like iPhones and iPads. They required WebKit chrome by safari foundation for users are more oriented towards Apple than Google. 

Apple’s Safari Rule

Apple restrains more over the Safari web development; that is why Apple is more concerned about privacy. A feature that cuts down the other browser tracking known as “intelligent tracking preventions.” For the new users to feel safe with their data, apple is always developing to deliver Firewall experiences with the advanced web stimulating the web technologies.

The developers and the users have an opposite mindset when were are talking about features and updates. The pop-ups and push notifications have been developed in the wrong way that now chrome and firefox are trying to reduce it by boosting the website’s permission request.

Apple has pointed out many features of apps powered by the web. As the shortcut of PWAs to the home screen is okay when having them under your control but asking and allowing for desktop’s system may be against the privacy concern and can cause a moderate level of risks.

Apple is coming up with the latest Safari 14, later this year. It is supposed to be the most significant update since Safari was first invented. The features will enhance more security and privacy policies, warming for inappropriate passwords, and lastly, will contain great useful chrome extensions for the users. 

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Google’s Web App Plans Clashes with Apple’s Safari Rules

Google was originated from the web, and Apple started their venture with its products. Both of the multi-billionaire companies over the Nokia....