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Health at the heart of mobile applications

Intended for patients but also for professionals, mobile applications development Dallas  in the health sector are developing more and more.

Indeed, they confer many advantages:

  • Managing patient / professional relationships
  • Improving the effectiveness of treatments thanks to better monitoring
  • Access to a source of information designed and designed by healthcare professionals

Our mobile development agency has participated in the design of several applications in the field of health.

(With Retrocube, do not be afraid of the protection of your personal health data . We know that they are sensitive and must be protected.
They are therefore hosted on approved e-health servers.
So you have the possibility to inform your data and retrieve it at any time.
This is why we are already working with approved e-health hosts such as Coreye or Claranet, specialists in critical applications.
But other approved e-health servers exist: 2SCI, AATLANTIDE, CERNER, and many others 

Application in the Pharmaceutical sector


Facilitate the daily life of customers, and avoid forgetting to take treatment, these are exactly the objectives of this application.

Facipill is a mobile application linked and usable with LGPI, a management software used by many pharmacists.
The software offers a set of integrated tools such as an intuitive invoicing tool, or a purchasing aid tool, and also a sales pricing tool.

The Facipill application therefore aims to improve the relationship between the patient and the pharmacist, and allows:

  • Sending the prescription to the pharmacist: to avoid waiting time on site
  • Sending a notification to the patient when their medication is ready 
  • The daily reminder of taking the treatment programmed by the pharmacist himself
  • And also the reminder of the renewal of the prescription 

Application in the field of Psychology


Between the different professionals, the practitioner’s notes and his memory, we can’t find any more!
Today, information is too dispersed among Psychologists, and the PsyApps team has chosen to create an application that would allow the grouping and organization of this data.

PsyOrganizer provides tools to professionals in the field of Psychology and health as well as to their patients:

  • In order to have a synthetic view of clients, the application allows you to create visual anamnesis, as well as to organize and consult patient data.
  • You also have the possibility to develop diagnostics.
  • To help you get organized, there are tools to help you easily schedule appointments and create patient interviews.

Find a more detailed description of this application in our PsyApps customer case.

Application in the nursing sector

Care combo

Retrocube has designed this application in order to respond to the problems faced by private nurses.
The main issue is the problems encountered with home care records.

  • In order to respond to the lack of space, the files are digitized and space is optimized, which allows nurses to detail them more.
  • In addition, the files are organized in three parts: prescriptions / patient data / care, and can be created without any limit.
  • The files are obviously transferable quickly, in order to facilitate the adaptation of the patient’s care, by a new professional.
  • Finally, personal data is secure: Combo Soins uses the French host Coreye.

The app can be used offline, which is only needed for automated backups.

Application in the veterinary sector


Application designed by veterinary drug companies and designed for animal owners . 

Thanks to this application, taking care of your pet is no longer a problem!
The Med’vet application informs you and supports you in the treatments of your companion.

  • With this application, no longer forget your companion’s medications: create your pet’s health record and receive a treatment reminder.
  • In order to facilitate your access to information on medicines, it is possible to scan your boxes directly to digitize the information:
    – Expiry date
    – Quantity
    – Update
  • Med’vet also allows you to create multi-criteria searches: drug name, route of administration, target species, etc.

Application dedicated directly to patients


Gluci-chek is an application published by Roche Diabetes care France (with the help of the agency La Haute Société), intended for diabetics .

Managing meals and blood sugar at the same time can sometimes be a burden for people with diabetes.
This is why Gluci-chek was designed: to make your job easier!

  • Indeed, you can now constitute your own meals. The application offers more than 500 foods and allows you to consult the nutritional information of these (lipids, proteins, carbohydrates…).
  • The app also makes it easier to monitor your carbohydrate levels thanks to
    – the app’s automatic calculation
    – the digital blood glucose self-monitoring log
    – its graphical representation.
  • You can synchronize data from Roche Accu-Chek devices via Bluetooth!

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