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Hiring employees is a tough & tedious task, get our Indeed Clone

Placing right candidate to the right job is the prime responsibility. Placement service includes job seeks and job providers in a huge number. To handle papers of all of them is very difficult and trusting on fake scripts from scrap is very difficult as been dealing with a sensitive piece of data. Stuck in between them, cannot drive you to any solution, use our indeed Clone.

Before a few years searching for a job was a tedious, slow, and confusing task. It was like one need to go to specific job boards, wherein they would advertise only for some specific roles in some of the companies. All these monotonous tasks came to an end with the help of technology. These days the widespread online job search can help the job seekers to get their best-fit job with lesser efforts.  And this is when Indeed comes in the picture.

We can say that Indeed has revolutionized the way the job hunting process is being done. With that, Indeed is the top-most aggregated search engine for any and every job that a person seeks. It has made things easier for freshers as well as employers to reach their destination in a short span of time.

Indeed’s History and Statistics

In 2004, Indeed was co-founded by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan. It is an American job hunting site available across the globe. By now, it is available in approximately 60 countries around the world in 28 different languages. As per the reports, in 2010, Indeed passed Monster.com by becoming the most visited job search website in the United States. Further in 2011, Indeed allowed job seekers to directly apply for jobs from the Indeed’s site.

When coming to statistics, Indeed is now known to millions of aimed applications, offering innumerable job options in almost every known field. When things come to average search analysis for Indeed, it includes 87.32% of organic search results, while 12.68% of traffic is coming from paid searches. 1.73% of traffic is from Social platforms, out of which Facebook and YouTube contribute the most with 46.31% and 25.63%, respectively.

How Does Indeed Work For Employers?

Indeed offers optimal ease for you as an employer to post a job on their interface with few clicks. The portal requires a registered account, to get access to different features of the site. With this, it will help you to seamlessly monitor application request and can even let you track the candidate participation.

All you need to do here is get your company registered over the portal and further, can start posting jobs. To make your job post visible to a large number of candidates Indeed provides the sponsored ads services. Here, your job will appear as a first choice for the potential candidates. This will even make you hire smartly you required candidates.

With this Indeed provides you with a detailed dashboard, where you manage the job seekers data flawlessly. The Indeed dashboard will assist you in reviewing the application request, scheduling interviews and going through the recommended candidates in a single pane. You can even update the job description and budget whenever you wish too. Here you can even get the Indeed Resume service, whereby mentioning the required skills you can get your needed candidates.

How Does Indeed Work For Job Seekers?

For jobseekers, Indeed works in an effective way. All a user needs to do here is creating an account and search for their designation. Here you as a job seeker can find any type of jobs like contract positions, summer jobs, work from home jobs, full-time jobs,   jobs and even the volunteer work. You can easily search for your destination by applying a filter over the city, profile, salary, experience.

Indeed provides a resume template where you can fill up your information and send it to different companies as per your niches. You can either choose the Indeed’s resume or can upload your own resume while applying for a job. Another thing for the resume is that you can set your resume as private or public. It will be totally depended on you whether you want to keep your resume a public so that any recruiter or employer can go through it or keeping it private, wherein you need to attach resume while applying for a job.

How Does Indeed Make Money?

After getting your thoughts clear on what is Indeed, let us understand its revenue system. Indeed’s revenue model is straightforward and simple to understand. They have a simple policy for the employer and job boards. They charge based on pay per click (PPC) to promote their jobs. With these, they even generate revenue through different sponsored ads, resume search, and strategic relationships. For instance, consider a fairly conservative average cost per click of 20 cents and a CTR of approximately 15% per page, they can make $30 per thousands of page views. Further, with 730 page views per month, it could be a revenue of $20 million per month in the US alone.

After having every detail on what is Indeed from tip to tail, are you planning for a startup with your own job portal?  JobGator enables you to get started with your own job board software. With that, we even have website clone available for Indeed clone. We even offer customized solutions, where you can easily custom your job board software as per your niche. 

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