Hookah vs Vape-what may work best for you?


The smoking market is brimming with a lot of alternatives, from which picking up on the difference, between them all can be a tad difficult. One of such newest alternatives to smoking is vaping. Which have hit the market causing a slew of rapidly new evolving terminology, with jargons like hookah pen and vape pen apparently becoming used quite interchangeably. As a result, a lot of wonderment and confusion has taken place in the smoking community.

It is not just that but for others also raising many questions like what is a hookah? What key difference is there between hookah and vaping? What are the commonalities between each i.e. hookah and vaping? And if you are looking forward to the big question that what may work best for you. Here is a rundown on the same.

The Basic Mechanics

Both the hookah and vape works on the same principle of heating up a liquid or thick mixture or pulp to create a vapor or smoke that is to be inhaled and exhaled. This contains some sort of flavor along with nicotine.

The Hookah

Hookah is nothing but a water pipe used for smoking hookah tobacco. You can find hookah in many sizes, shapes as well as styles. But its basic parts and functionality remain the same all across them. Unlike traditional cigarettes, when you smoke hookah USA it doesn’t burn the tobacco. Hence the vapor and not smoke. That being said, irrespective of it, still using a hookah is referred to as smoking. The tobacco is used in it is typically referred to as Shisha. The tobacco which is used in the hookah is derived from the tobacco leaves. And is not prepared directly from the foliage of tobacco as in the cigarette.

The Hookah pipe, therefore, is not engineered to be used like a cigarette where tobacco is combusted directly. Although it might, happen sometimes if not done properly. The feel of the pipe is ancient dating back to if not a hundred but thousands of years. With a long and rich history of being passed down to various cultures and regions over the period of time. Along with the tall head and shapely body, where the bowl is used for the water and moist tobacco. Consisting of one or many hoses with a mouthpiece, which brings to your tobacco vapor.

The Vape

The functioning of the vape is pretty different from the hookah. Here the flavored liquid is heated by a battery-powered electronic heating coil that turns the liquid into vapor. All of which is fitted into a typical small cigarette shaped device termed as an e-cigarette or as “e-pen”, “vape pen”, “mech mod”, “e-hookah”, “box mod” etc. What it does, is turn this liquid into vapor. The liquid as a result of heating turns into vapor and hence the name Vape. Mostly which contains nicotine. But it does not use tobacco at all unless there is a need for adding it as a flavoring agent.

If we are to get technical, the vape as mentioned before consists of battery-powered heaters called atomizers. The coil sits in here, where also rest the organic cotton inside. This cotton soaks up the e-liquid a little every time which is then converted into a vape. Talking about their types, they come in all shapes and sizes usually of pens and some even of flash drive. Which you can then plug into your USB port to charge. All of these vape devices and pens are disposable too.

The Juice and the Shisha

By now you know that hookah uses tobacco-based “shisha” and in vaping “e-liquid” is used. But just to be precise, the shisha comprises of a mixture of honey or molasses, tobacco leaves essence, and vegetable glycerin plus flavoring. On the other hand, E-liquid combines nicotine along with vegetable glycerin, flavor, and propylene glycol. Out of which, both contain nicotine as well as vegetable glycerin (VG), which are available in an array of flavors.

Hookah vs Vape experience

You will surely experience that nicotine buzz while indulging in a vape as well hookah sessions. But a major difference here is that for many, the vape is more of a personal way of indulgence. Which is a sense also tends to slip into becoming a daily routine like smoking cigarettes. Owing to its availability and easy to use approach. Where you do not need a specific spot and set up the whole thing like hookah to start with.

But when it comes to hookah it is more about a social experience bound to be relished with friends and family and is more of a group-oriented recreational activity. Owing to which there is an increasing demand for hookah lounges and cafes all across the globe. Where you can find hookah smokers coming together to enjoy and participate in these smoke sessions amongst friends and hookah smoking conventions.