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How much Android App Development Costs?

From a startup to a large scale organization, everyone is focusing on different ways to take their business online. Mobile app development is one of the most common yet popular ways to engage audiences. With over 86.6% market share, the Android operating system dominates the mobile app market. It is expected to witness a huge surge in the coming years.

If you want solid reasons, why should you choose Android app development for your business then let’s head towards its benefits:

Why You Should Opt For Android App Development?

There are several advantages to developing Android apps. All you need to do is hire a reliable android app development company to achieve your goals faster.

  1. Vast Customer Base

In 2019 Q3, almost 90 billion Android Apps were downloaded, whereas the count for iOS apps is around 25 billion. To add to its crown, the Play store witnesses Android app downloads of about 14 million on an everyday basis. Since Android runs on more number of devices than iOS, therefore, Android app accesses a large pool of customers. It signifies that leveraging the potential of this operating system, your app can enjoy exposure to a higher number of users, ultimately leads to attracting higher ROI.   

  • Easy Integration

The android platform grants inner app integration and also offers smart customization features that match the requirements of your business easily. So, you can easily add third-party plugins during the development of your app. Another benefit of opting for Android is that it is compatible with a myriad of devices available in the market.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

It is a well-known fact that Android costs comparatively lesser than iOS app development. The play store charges a one-time fee of $25 at the time of registration. What’s more? There is a variety of open source tools and Android libraries that further makes the development process less costly.

Now, if you are impressed with the Android platform benefits. The next that comes to mind is that “how much does Android app development cost?”

Estimate Android App Development Cost

There is no sure shot way to calculate the exact cost of your mobile app as it depends on several factors. However, you can calculate the approximate price by using the app cost calculator. It is a smart and reliable estimation tool that includes different questions based on which you can get quick quotes for your app idea. It is the fastest way to check whether your app idea is a budget-friendly option or not.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Android Apps

  1. App Discovery Process

It is the foremost yet crucial step in the Android app development process. In this, Android app developers follow some steps that can add in the final Android app development cost. Firstly, market research about your app idea to know the competition and set realistic expectations regarding what features should be included in the application. Secondly, app developers set user personas that greatly help in the Android app development cost breakdown.

  • Complexity Level of App Idea

The apps can be categorized into three types (Basic, Mid-Level, and Complex) based on complexity. A basic Android mobile app has fundamental features, standard UI components, and use basic backend predefined templates. Mid-level Android apps have API integration, custom UI, real-time push notification feature, and basic backend that support mildly complex apps smoothly. Complex Android apps have custom animation, high-tech features, integration of the latest technologies (AR, AI, Big Data, etc.), and intricate Backend with all admin functionalities. 

  • Type of Mobile App

It is given that the app development cost also relies on which industry type you belong to. It is significant to know as functionalities, demographics, and security differs from one app type to another. M-Commerce apps, standalone apps, enterprise apps, and social networking apps are a few examples that are common and currently gaining immense profits in the marketplace.  

  • UI/UX

Animation and Android app design are crucial factors to achieve success in the future. It is the key to increase customer engagement rates and attract new audiences seamlessly. Material design is the type of design that is used for Android app development that adds the spirit of creativity and boldness in mobile app designs. You can also ask the Android app development team to share wireframes so that you stay on the same page during the development process.  However, some companies charge extra for wireframe development, do ask before you share your requirements.


Out of all the operating systems, 75% of people prefer to use Android. Thus, developing an app for this platform is a value proposition for organizations across the globe. Hire a top app development company to build robust and intuitive mobile applications in shorter development times. With continuous technological evolutions, you can even transform your existing app with the best features and functionalities to make everything just a click away from the customers.   

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