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How Much Does It Cost To Build Health & Fitness App?

In 2021, health & fitness have become popular words in the market. With revenue of $87 billion, the fitness industry is a profitable endeavor indeed! Maintaining health and staying fit is people’s top priority. And in COVID times, healthcare & fitness mobile app development has received an incredible boost.

Thanks to mobile apps, users who are determined to go to the gym could continue it without a hassle. According to Statistica, 75% of users go through fitness apps at least twice a week, and the rest of the, navigate these apps more than five times a week. However, before you hire a mobile app development company, you must be wondering how much it cost to develop a feature-rich fitness app? The cost is dependent on the features and functionalities of the app.

Before we delve into the must-have features of health and fitness apps, you should know there are different kinds of fitness applications available in the market. So, the selection of functionalities is dependent on the type of app you choose to develop.

  1. Diet & Nutrition Apps

Including nutrition and diet planner into your fitness app ideas is a smart move. With these apps, you can provide details like water intake, calorie level, and preferences of food dishes to the users to the users. You can also let your users collaborate with top dieticians through apps for their diet plans. The cost to develop a diet and nutrition app is around $30,000 to $60,000.

  • Activity Tracking Apps

There are types of activity tracking apps like Fitbit and Google Fit that charge around $4000 to $10,500. The cost is dependent on the features you want to add to your app. These applications have motion sensors that work along with user’s smartphones and GPS. It provides the data regarding their activities, including stairs climbed, liquid intake, the number of steps taken in a day, and more.

  • Workout Apps

If you choose the workout app category, then the success rate is comparatively higher than other app types. The global revenue generated by these apps has risen to $365.2 billion from $69.7 billion. Hire a reliable fitness app development company to leverage its potential to the fullest.

Must-Have Features in Healthcare and Fitness Apps 

  1. Easy  & Smart Registration

Today customers have multiple options, thus, they can easily switch to other apps. To avoid such situations, you need to offer easy registrations with the app. Moreover, you can integrate social media channels like Facebook, Google+, or Twitter for one-step registration.

  • Wearable Device Integration

Sometimes, developing a health and fitness app isn’t going to solve the purpose. For maximum usability, the app should be duly connected to different external devices like wearables that can track their routine with ease. Hire Android developers if you wish to integrate with Android healthcare & fitness apps.

  • Diet Planner & Workout Sessions

The main function of the app is to assist users with daily physical activities. An app can showcase information as calories burnt and weight reduced by the user. Along with this, you can help users with diet plans as per their calorie requirements and weight of the body. Also, apps give users the freedom to fix their exercise schedules according to their convenience. If you want to upgrade your app, you can add live tutorials from experts in your app. It boosts engagement and user retention rates.

  • Push Notifications

Health and fitness apps should be motivating for their users. Hence, having push notifications as a feature in your app allows users to keep track of their exercise schedule and take proper meals at the right time.

Determining the exact cost to develop a health & fitness app is difficult. However, in the usual case, it is estimated that the development time is around 1000 to 1500 hours.

Time Duration for Developing an Intuitive yet User-Friendly Fitness App

The entire app development process completes in five stages.

  1. Documentation – It involves business analysis, understanding of specifications, and prototyping. The estimated time to complete the stage is around 50 to 60 hours.
  2.  Designing – UI/UX experts design the front-end and backend of the app. Depending on the list of features that need to integrate, it takes up to 60 to 80 hours.
  3. Development – It includes both front-end and back-end development. For Android, it takes up to 380 to 400 hours, and for iOS app development it can go up to 450 to 480 hours.
  4. Testing – Estimated time to test the application is around 80 to 100 hours.
  5. Support & Maintenance – You can expect up to 40 to 50 hours, post app launch.

Use of App Cost Calculator to Find Out App Development Cost

There are many app development companies that are offering similar services. However, it is crucial to choose the top fitness & healthcare app development company to gain maximum profits in the future. Experienced app developers not only guide you when selecting the features for your app but also keep the entire app development process transparent so that there are minimum iterations in the end.

A reliable mobile app development company in San Jose also offers a smart and accurate cost calculator tool that enables you to find an approximate cost of your business idea within minutes. It eliminates the need to discussing your plan with every mobile app development company to get quotes. With approximate estimates in your hand, you can also bargain and get services at the best prices from top software development companies. Are you ready to develop your fitness app and take your business to the next level? Talk to experts!


Undoubtedly, health & fitness apps are gaining immense popularity as more people are adopting technology to maintain and streamline their daily routines. However, you need to relevant when it comes to features that provide a seamless experience to the users. 

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