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How Restaurant Technology Help you Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences

Restaurants must evolve. Understanding the next-gen customer is critical when the next generation is already here. Today, customers demand tailored experiences that generate the need for personalized marketing strategies. Around 660,500 restaurants in the U.S alone are tapping for the digital potential to make their restaurant business stand out. (Source: Forbes)

According to a report by Accenture, 47% of restaurant operators believe technology offers an edge in competition and would be in mainstream or mass adoption by 2025. 

Beyond excellent dining experiences, adapting the new technologies can help you to meet customers’ shifting expectations. It transforms business operations and optimizes cost structures. We’ll help you understand how upcoming technologies grow your business at scale.

Before we proceed, we must know confining a strategy into the four walls of the restaurant would be a mistake. A reliable restaurant software development company helps you build a stronger relationship with your customers. Your relationship spans four stages of interaction that includes:

Entice – Giving them the key to control their menus and letting them know that food is being prepared as per their choice, enhances the level of engagement.

Enter – With the help of third-party integrations, sending suggestions for their previous orders or bestsellers is a smart way to add convenience and reduce waiting times.

Engage – Sending push notifications using location awareness technology makes your clients happy with your services.

Extend – Engaging customers via social and loyalty channels. Moreover, a quick survey or customer feedback on speed, quality, customer service, and freshness helps you understand your audience.

By bringing a responsive digital experience to each phase of interaction, you can deepen your relationship with customers. 74% of customers say they’ll pay more for great experiences. (Source: Salesforce.com)

Digital Technologies Serving Hyper-Personalized Guest Experiences

  1. Mobile App Development For Seamless & Convenient Experience

Advancements in technology are encouraging restaurant business owners to create remarkable experiences for its users that are engaging yet convenient. With a mobile app, users can make reservations, order takeout, update dining preferences, search for deals, and whatnot. With an app, you can

  • Serve unlimited customers simultaneously
  • Market and promote your brand without annoying them
  • Help customers to make orders with a single tap on the smartphone
  • Motivate customers to encourage your restaurant for often
  • Create a database and study user preferences to make smart investment strategies

If you are wondering how much a restaurant app development costs then, check for reliable app cost calculator available online. It helps you in getting quick estimates of your project without disclosing the actual idea to any mobile app development agency.

  • Elevate Guest Experiences through Social Media

Consumers are craving for speed of online communication for all businesses. Ensure your restaurant doesn’t lag. Social media is one of the best customer service tools used by millions of users. It is seen that customers who are active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter get in touch with their restaurants online. You can post your new recipes and best experiences of your customers to engage & entice your audience. However, don’t forget customer reviews. Understand their feedback that helps you improve your services rapidly.

  • Delight Your Customers with Loyalty Program

Loyal customers are the backbone of your business. If you want to grow your restaurant business through customer engagement, then leverage the potential of customer loyalty solutions. A loyalty program is an attractive feature that helps you reward your customers who make an often visit or order regularly. Rewards are extremely encouraging for customers and are the best way to ensure the growth and success of a restaurant. You can send extra points or discount coupons during different occasions like onboarding, birthday, anniversaries, and much more via a loyalty program in place.

  • Unveiling the Benefits of AR/VR in Restaurants

In the current scenario, the restaurant industry is increasingly using AR to elevate gastronomic experiences. From the ordering process to employee training and entertainment, AR is transforming the world for better. Customers prefer high-quality and health-conscious food in their menus. Using an AR app, you can let your customers allow all the information about the dishes listed on the menu. They can check calorie content, ingredients, allergens, everything before they place an order that makes them feel satisfied.

Like any organization, restaurants can use AR applications to train their employees efficiently. It merges theory and sessions, enabling employees to view their training material put into action.  


To induce a customer to try your location, order frequently, and come back later, it is significant to determine all aspects of the digital experiences that are offered at each step of the customer’s journey. Creating a successful restaurant solution is challenging because the competition is intense, and customers are expecting high-tech experiences. There is tremendous opportunity to grow with new digital capabilities. Hire a reliable development partner and get started.  

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