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How to Add Music to Your Instagram Videos

Instagram is the best social networking for posting videos, clips, and pictures and for chatting with your friends as well. Now you can add a soundtrack to your story that fits any moment and helps you express how you are feeling. Instagram stories are now used by a lot of people every day and we are excited to give our community a new way to feel closer to their friends’ part that fits the story. There is also an option to choose a song or music before capturing the videos. When you open the camera swipe to the new ”Music” option below the record button. Search for the music, choose the exact part of the song you like and then record a video because it will be played in the background. When your Instagram followers will be watching your video they will hear the sound playing as they are viewing your video.

Adding Music from Instagram

First of all, add music directly from Instagram. Click the camera optic or the story icon to start your story. At the camera screen, snap your video or photo. Apply whatever you want if you are ready to add a tune to your video or story, tap the sticker icon at the top of the screen. Then tap the music sticker. 

Search for Music 

At the music screen search for music use the search field at the top of the screen to look for a particular tune. You can search for a song or album. Spot a song you like. Then after that tap the play button to hear a short clip. When you are ready to make a selection tap the song you want in your story. Instagram allows you to add your special music or tunes directly within the app but you can also use third-party apps to add music to stories and feed posts. Instagram offers you customized options when it comes to posting videos. 


It is one of the best apps for video editing for both Android and iPhone devices, flip-gram is also a community of like-minded people where you can find a lot of inspiring content that can motivate you to make remarkable videos. The app can be used to record videos and edit them while it also gives you access to its rich royalty-free music library.

Adding Music to Instagram Stories 

As most people use Instagram so the know-how these videos must be recorded, the Instagram app and for that reason, you can’t use it to add music to videos you post on this photo and video sharing platform. On a daily basis, people are using this type of social networking site that’s why Instagram is going on high rank. Using apps like Spotify to play music while recording your Instagram stories is currently the only way to add music to an Instagram story video. If you are recording the story you just have to click the option of the camera that is located in the upper left corner of the apps screen. Use the control center to switch to the apps from which you want to play music from hit play. Adding music to your videos makes them more fun and entertaining. And let us know what people are thinking about. They can also comment. If you would like to use a particular part of the song simply pause the song at the spot. 

Where to Find Music for Instagram Videos

If you are using this app then it would be easy for you. You don’t need to worry about it. 

  • Open your preferred music all on your mobile and start playing music. For example, you are using Spotify.
  • Minimize the app with the song still playing in the background and then open Instagram.
  • Click your avatar in the upper left corner to begin a new Instagram story.
  • Perform a long press on the record button to record the video with music all over the video you are making 
  • Then in last continue to edit if you need any editing of your story or a video or add any filter or sticker you want. When you are ready to share it with your friends then click the button post then it will be published.

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