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How to resolve QuickBooks POS Error 193

QuickBooks POS is an incredible accounting mechanism that permits users to follow sales, customers, and inventory efficiently and promptly. QuickBooks POS is accessible in two versions, the Basic and the Pro based on the business requirements. Additionally, QuickBooks POS is packaged with various elite features ranging from following the customer’s information to creating unlimited bills & invoices to an efficient inventory management process, hence manifesting to be an end-to-end solution for numerous retail sector business houses, but from-time-to-time this application like any other software emerges with annoying technical defects that might hinder the smooth work-process of the software. In today’s article, we are going to discuss one such error called QuickBooks POS Error 193. Now, let’s discuss in detail about what this error is all about and its potential sources as listed below, have a look:

What Is QB POS Error 193?

This QB POS Error 193 is a very common error that generally triggers due to the issues in mailbag, one type of a stock exchange error. This error also takes place while working on the point of sale in such comprehensive operations as Sales management, Customer relation enhancement, and Inventory tracking, etc.

Like other technical error codes, QB POS 193 error code might also impact the indispensable part of your organization’s work-process. It is also crucial to get rid of the issue instantly. For resolving the issue, you can directly connect with our certified QB experts to acquire instant assistance over phone. You will receive the below-listed error messages whenever you experience this error code:

“The primary key for the table “ Customer Rewards” is not unique”

Paramount Reasons Causing QB POS Error 193 

  1. When there are QBT files.
  2. When there are repetitive names and departmental codes.
  3. Corrupted or damaged customer list at the remote store.
  4. While having flaws in the names of removed and merged customers.

Efficient Fixing Steps To Resolve QB POS Error 193

This article will aid users with miscellaneous ways to discard QB POS Error 193 as listed underneath, have a look:

Solution 1:

  1. Firstly, run the reports section in QuickBooks POS and then navigate to the customer list. Now, access the required report here.
  2. Then, from the report section, select the first customer and double-tap on it to access the customer info. Later, proceed to the view list and make sure if the customer information is available.
  3. This will notify the available customer lists. Then, choose all the customer lists and then tap on the option I want to.
  4. After completing that process, check on Delete the customers box.
  5. Now, navigate to the file in the headquarter server and then select utilities. Now, tap on the Resend button.
  6. This will authorize you to validate the mailbag.
  7. In many cases, this method fixes the QB POS Error 193. If it does not, directly move to the next method.

Solution 2:

  1. Firstly, transport the mailbag to the headquarters and then navigate to the Customers menu from the remote stores.
  2. Now, choose the customer list and then tap on the I want to option. Make sure to check all the lists you wish to eliminate.
  3. If you desire to send the information about your main customer, you can do it from the headquarter as those details are stored in there.
  4. You can also choose the number of needed customer lists.
  5. This method differs accordingly based on the version you use.

Solution 3: Windows 10/Server 2016 Edition 1803 Update

For this, the user is required to visit Microsoft KB4100403 and KB4338548 for information on how to troubleshoot the issue.

Here, the KB4338548 contains the link to the Microsoft Update Catalog. From there, users can choose the needed and adequate Microsoft update from there or they can also contact an IT professional for more aid on the same.

For The Users Who Utilise Version Windows 10 and 2013

Firstly, just choose the customer from the list and then click on the shift key on your keyboard.

For utilising version 9:

  1. Firstly, press ctrl+A to choose all the customers and then navigate to the File menu of the headquarter server.
  2. To validate the mailbag in the store, all you have to do is to select the utilities option and then resend.

Hopefully by studying our blog, you might have got ideas on how to troubleshoot QuickBooks POS Error 193. For requiring further more help, you can directly contact our experts by calling on our +1-855-533-6333. Our experts are deployed for your assistance 24/7, constant. So, why waiting so long? Ring us now!!

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