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Know about the Top 8 iPhone Data Recovery Software

When it comes to restoring your lost or deleted iPhone files and data, you will have two options. First, check if you have backed up the files or as an alternative, you might have to use an iPhone Data Recovery software

However, in case, you don’t have a backup, then you don’t have any other option rather than using a reliable iPhone recovery tool. Now, the question is, there is a lot of data recovery software available on the internet, how can you find the most suitable recovery tool? 

Fortunately, here is a list of the top 8 data recovery tools and their features. This will help to choose the best-suited one as per your requirements.

Things to Consider While Choosing the iPhone Data Recovery Software

You must consider the following points before using a data recovery tool. 

  1. Is the tool safe for downloading?
  2. Is the software powerful enough to handle several data loss situations?
  3. Can you easily use the recovery software?
  4. Is the tool compatible with all the computers and iPhone models?

Top 8 Data Recovery Software and their Features

These are the recommended top-notches data recovery tools that you can try to restore your lost data. Besides, these tools are malware-free and can be run on both Mac and Windows computers.

  1. Primo iPhone Recovery Software

One of the top-notches data recovery software made in 2020. This tool comes with an intuitive interface which is quick to access. You can use this tool to recover all types of personal data, media files and applications including Safari history, Line, Videos, iMessages, contacts and so on.

Besides, it can be used to fix different iOS problems, for example, iDevice stuck on the black screen, Apple logo disappears, and upgrade error. This data recovery tool supports on iPhone 4, 4S, 6, 6S, 7, 7Plus, 8Plus and iPhone X.

  1. Dr Fone iPhone Recovery Tool

Dr. Fone introduced by Wondershare is another effective data restoration tool that you can opt for. This can quickly restore data from the iCloud, as well as iPhone backup. Apart from this, this is very easy to operate and compatible with all the latest iOS versions. You can run this tool on both Mac and Windows computers. Also, before saving the recovery files, you will see the Previews.

However, if you use the free version of this tool, you are unable to save any file. Hence, as an alternative, you can rely upon Data Recovery Dubai. The experts can recover your lost data at the earliest.

  1. iSkySoft Recovery Software

iSkySoft recovery tool can restore call logs, WhatsApp messages, Safari bookmarks, voice memo, iMessages, photos and videos. This tool comes with a Preview button. So, with the file structures and names, you can restore the deleted data. iSkySoft can retrieve up to 10 types of data from the iOS device, as well as can restore 17 types of files, from the iTunes and iCloud backup.

  1. Stellar File Recovery for iPhone

Steller iPhone recovery is known for its three powerful restoring modes. They are Recover iOS Device, Recover iCloud Backup and Recover iTunes Backup. In an easy-to-detect manner, this tool can easily scan your iCloud, iTunes or iPhone and instantly display all the recoverable items. By using this program, you can retrieve any type of media that you might have accidentally deleted- such as missing photos, camera roll, videos and photostream.

Besides, from chats, you can quickly retrieve all your attachments and messages, like- Kik, Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat and Line. Also, with this tool, you can restore any voice memos.

  1. iMobile Phone Rescue

With this data recovery software, you can restore 31 types of deleted data and files- such as Line messages, contacts, photos, Safari bookmarks, playlists, notes, WhatsApp messages. Also, this software comes with iOS repair features for some common iOS issues- like, black screen, iOS upgrade failure, White Apple logo, and Recovery Mode Loop. Besides, in the HTML format, you can save the messages and call history. The software can be used on iPhone X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6 Plus, 6, and available for both Mac and Windows. 

  1. Leawo iOS Recovery 

In case, you are searching for limited data recovery from the iPod, iPhone and iPad, Leawo iOS data recovery can be the best option for you. With this software, you can retrieve only six types of data from your iOS device. 

These are Reminders, Call History, Calendar, MMS, Notes and iMessages. On the other hand, 12 types of data can be recovered from iTunes which includes, Safari Bookmarks, Camera Roll, Voice Memos, Photo Stream, Reminders, Photo Library, Notes, Contacts, Calendar, Messages, Call History and Attachments.

  1. Aiseesoft Fonelab Data Recovery

Along with your iOS device, Aiseesoft Fonelab software can restore deleted data from the iTunes backup also. It can retrieve HEIC images from the iCloud backup. By using this software, you can restore 19 types of data and files from your iPod, iPhone and iPad including call history, WhatsApp, photos, contacts, notes. However, with the free version, you might be disappointed as the free version is unable to fully recover videos and images from your device.

  1. Tenoshare Ultdata Data Recovery

Tenoshare provides an excellent recovery rate with the latest technology to retrieve selective data from the iOS, iTunes and iCloud backup. With simple three steps, you will get your lost data back. First, you have to connect your device. After that scan, and then restore your data.

With this tool, you can recover 20 types of data including Line chats, WhatsApp messages, call history, contacts, images, videos and so on. Also, by using this iPhone recovery tool, you can directly sync the restored files back to your iOS device.


Data recovery tool has the restoring capabilities based on product-type, like data types support, recovery rate and ease of navigation. But, they also come with certain limitations, such as some are paid and some have limited access for free versions. Thus, to gain complete control over data recovery, you need to seek help from the data recovery experts.

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