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Kotlin Vs Flutter Which is better for app development in 2020

  • What is Flutter?
  • What are the features of Flutter?
  • What is Kotlin? 
  • What are the features of Kotlin?
  • What did developers say about Kotlin Vs Flutter?
  • What is the difference between Flutter and Kotlin?
  • How will Flutter look if Kotlin supports Flutter?
  • The Ultimate Winner between Flutter & Kotlin

Basic and Origion about Kotlin and Fluter

Kotlin is a programming language, a computer language that is used to create programs, applications, and software.

Flutter is a collection of tools that are used in the creation and development of a number of web applications and programs or software.

Kotlin is a programing language whereas Flutter is a framework. Kotlin frameworks offer solutions to unique problems, you’ll find several built-in functions to complete an application in Flutter. Frameworks provide solutions to particular problems, And, of course, programming languages know no limit for the development provided coder should have deep knowledge.

Google officially supports Kotlin for development of mobile apps on Android since May 2019. Nevertheless, an open-source mobile application development platform built by Google itself is Flutter!

Developers Ease

Creation of cross-platform apps enables developers to use one application to create multiplatform applications. According to Stat Counter, Android and iOS account for approximately 98 per cent of the overall mobile operating system market.

When to use Kotlin?

The scope of app development in Kotlin is unlimited. For instance, Uber’s internal tooling processes (e.g. Annotation processors, Gradle plugins, etc.) are coded in Kotlin. Pinterest app moved from Java to Kotlin to provide users a better interface. 

Why Is Flutter Best?

Kotlin has a fair share of benefits too. Here is why you should choose Kotlin.

  •  It is not a Framework
  • Excellent UI Experience
  • Quick Learning Curve

The UI is drawn from scratch by flutter. Many cross-platform applications depend on the components of the Native UI to achieve the goal. For eg, react-native or Xamarin that has components of the native UI to help with the creation of the UI.

So, in terms of efficiency, Flutter overpowers any other system. Flutter Application Development Framework’s deliverability is pretty superb than other native cross-platform applications.

Why Android developers should pay attention to Flutter in 2020

Android and flutter are both Google’s babies. One business that handles the mobile device development for Android devices, both native and cross-platform. The development of Android apps began at Android Inc which Google purchased in 2005. The project Flutter started at Google, and the first-ever Flutter SDK was published in 2017. Comparing native Android development with Flutter app development will be extremely fascinating, and seeing what Android’s future will be with the rise of. Let’s discuss all these questions, and seek to answer them.

Conclusion, which is better : Kotlin or Flutter

Giving the throne to either Kotlin multiplatform or Flutter is very difficult. Both platforms manage to be reliable after all and offer excellent features. They have managed to get a great presence on the Android and iOS device markets since it was released.

Although Kotlin appears to be leading in terms of market share and use, the winner for you at the end of the day is the platform that best meets the criteria for cross-platform applications. Those specifications can vary from developer to developer.

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