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List of 10 Things One Must Do When Settling In a New Home!

Have you recently bought your new home in Calicut? Shall be leaving for your Cuttack to Calicut move in a few weeks? Then you might be going through a hectic schedule as of now! Household chores, office duties, booking the packers and movers in Cuttack, managing the finances, packing for the move – you must be surrounded with all of this and more and struggling to find a way out of this chaotic circle. But, no need to worry because today, you will get a generous dose of information about how you can make your move happen effortlessly in just 10 steps!


  1. Formulate a packing plan

• You along with the moving professionals can formulate a packing plan. Though the initial plan would be yours only you can discuss that with the experts so that the task happens quickly. Think of the rooms you will pack first.

• Do not waste time packing the unnecessary, miscellaneous stuff. It will simply raise your moving struggle and moving cost. So, be sensible and decide how much you will move. Discard, donate or sell out the excessive items.

  1. Manage the paperwork

• You cannot carry out your move if you do not have the required documents and identity proofs in place. From license, insurance, agreement papers, birth and marriage certificates, employment papers, to the medical certificates, school and college records of your children – you should prepare everything ahead of your move.

• All these essential documents must be put together in a single folder and should be kept with you throughout your moving journey.

  1. Clean-up and start packing

• Now when it comes to the packing task, you must start with the job with a plan. Do not start packing random goods. Choose a particular room or space you want to tackle first and then start!

• Avoid packing unclean goods. Do a wipe-up of all the household items before you put on the first layer of packing paper on top of them. Start with packing the simple objects and gradually proceed towards the challenging corners of your home.

  1. Throw a good-bye party

• Leaving behind friends and dear ones is not easy. But you can have a good time with them one last time if you can call them over a farewell party. This will give you a way to celebrate, click pictures, and make memories with them, and you can keep these memoirs fresh in your minds for the rest of your lives.

• This party would be highly loved by your children as they will have their best times.

  1. Prioritize a few things

• Any move comprises several tasks and you have to cater to each of the chores so that you can enjoy a comfortable move. To keep track of all the important pre-move tasks, prepare a priority list that will record all your immediate duties.

• From notifying authorities, booking professionals, planning budget, buying insurance – you should note down everything and put up a timeline alongside so you can wrap them up ahead of your move.


  1. Inspect your new home

• If you haven’t visited your new home until now, make sure you plan a quick visit to your new home to see if everything is up and running – from power to water connection and all the other essential amenities are in place.

• This visit will also help you to plan your post-move set-up plan and how you can arrange your stuff – including furniture and appliances. Also, double-check the vaults and major joints in your new home before you finally move in.

  1. Establish security system

• If you are a parent, you might be worried about the well-being of your children in the new home. To ensure the new property has a well-insured security system, so there are minimal chances of mishaps.

• Children often go out of their way and lose track of where they’re heading. So, you should take care of them at least for the initial period in your new home. Talk to the security authorities of your society and neighborhood to know more about the safety measures of your new home and the vicinity!

  1. Unpack a little every day

• In focusing on all of these tasks, you must not forget to look after your home organization tasks. Continue unpacking the remaining moving boxes and clean up your haphazardly occupied space.

• Set up your living room first and make sure you unpack at least some section of your goods every day so that you have a good time doing up your new home and also your most complicated job of unpacking is managed well.

  1. Try to stick to your routine

• Most of the time, relocations tend to disturb our everyday schedule. We lose track of time and are so indulged in the pre-moving tasks that we miss out to take care of our health.

• Although some deviation is accepted because we remain stressed, but soon after the move, we should try to get back to our normal life routine. Adults should get back to their job – whether office or business, children should be back to their normal – going schools and for plays.

  1. Make friends and explore

• Settling to your new home comfortably has a lot to do with how you soon you open up with the new things and the surrounding. With time, you should open up and embrace the change and the new that is there in the city.

• Reach out to friends online, build connections with new people, and join social groups, societies so you or anyone in your family doesn’t feel left out. Go out for walks, plan getaways to explore the new places of interest in the city so even the new things start getting familiar to you!


There are a few very important things which if taken care of during relocation, can lessen your struggle. Settling in a new city, getting adjusted to the unfamiliar things takes time, but if you assign the major packing and moving responsibilities to the movers and packers in Cuttack, there is nothing that can stop you from enjoying a comfortable move.

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