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Microsoft Surface Issues, Problems and Fixes in the Philippines

Indeed, buying the latest Microsoft surface pro version is the ultimate happiness for the buyers. But how does it feel when you spend substantial cash on buying the newest surface pro, and it doesn’t work correctly? In fact, it’s frustrating, but you can’t put it into words fittingly.

Don’t worry; here in the present discussion, we have accumulated several problems about the latest Microsoft surface version and how to fix them. Surely, these guidelines will help you in resolving issues entirely. 

So, scroll down to find out the most optimal solution to your problem. 

Microsoft Surface Pro:  Major Problems and How to Fix Them?

Here are the common problems and their most acceptable solution everyone should know.

  • Slow Performance

Your Microsoft surface performs slowly due to specific reasons, including using multiple apps at a time. So, the ultimate solution to improve Microsoft’s surface speed is to properly look into all your open desktop apps and consider closing the irrelevant ones. The rapid and significant improvement in speed indicates that you are running numerous programs, and they all are affecting your RAM negatively. So, keep this thing in your mind that ‘avoid opening irrelevant apps as they can slow down your Microsoft surface speed.’

It is also suggested to check your disk space because it never works proficiently due to full storage. So, follow this guideline and free some space immediately.

  • Go to the search box and look for “Disk Clean-Up.”
  • Launch “disk clean-up” and start deleting unnecessary files.
  • Later on, empty the “Recycle bin” as it frees-up some extra space.

Admittedly, working on all these instructions will help you in enhancing Microsoft Surface speed. But don’t worry; if the system still doesn’t respond correctly because you can bring it to any of the well-reputed and renowned Microsoft Surface repair centers in the Philippines. After all, the professionals can fix such issues in no time.

  • Touch-Screen Doesn’t Response Properly.

If your touch- screen doesn’t get a response to your touch, then surely you have been locked out. So, start figuring-out some minor issues and clean the screen first. It will help in removing excess oil and smear from the screen. We understand it’s quite an unusual way to fix the problem, but it works. Additionally, it is also recommended to turn-off nearby devices as they could cause undesired obstruction.

Another way of resolving touch-screen issues is to use the keyboard and press the Window logo key. After that, press the Tab key and choose the Power option. The Select arrow key and Restart the entire system.  Similarly, you can also Shut-down the system for 30 seconds to see if the touch-screen is responding correctly or not. 

  • Screen Rotation Is Not Appropriate

Undeniably, screen repair is one of the significant issues of Microsoft surface pro’s latest versions as they stop rotating appropriately. If you are unable to turn Surface Pro Screen, then look for Screen Rotation Lock Button. Remember, you have to keep it “turn-off.”

It is perfectly alright if you can’t find the button as generally, the button doesn’t show up quickly. The best way to fix the issue without panicking is to remove the Type Cover Keyboard and consider attaching it after some time. The keyboard could be the probable cause of improper screen rotation so try detaching and attaching it.

  • Battery Drains Faster

Everyone wishes to use electronic devices with long-lasting battery timings. So, Microsoft Surface Pro with quick battery consumption is a real problem, and it should be fixed timely. Sadly, Surface Pro has battery issues since its initial release, and they haven’t been fixed yet.

If you notice a quick battery drains, check for the charging cable and charging port. If any of them is damaged, you can NEVER fully charge Surface pro. The damaged cable stops supplying enough power to the cable.

Well, it is quite complicated to fix battery damage on your own. This problem requires a proper skill-set and the latest tools to be appropriately set. That’s why; we recommend you bring your Microsoft Surface Pro to professional repair centers. They use the latest tools and proficiencies to fix the issues before it causes further damage in the future.

  • Improper Audio System

Try some essential tips and observe if they work or not. Look for the mute key and volume control and check if it’s muted or not. Generally, most of the apps have their volume options, so it is preferable to examine them individually. If checking the volume control option fixes the issue, then no need to bring your Surface pro to repair centers.

Usually, most of the users overlook updating sound drivers that cause an audio issue in return. But, you can do it by restarting the system. Definitely, you know how to restart it by clicking Start Menu, selecting of Power option, and then select the Restart option.

Pro Tip: Patience is the key if you genuinely intend to fix your Surface Pro issues. So, give enough time before you restart it because the update process requires a problem time. You may restart it after an hour and see if it’s working correctly or not.

Surface Pro Isn’t Turning On.

It is a rare issue, but you can’t overlook it because you can experience a similar problem at any time. In case your system isn’t turning-on; consider checking the power connection and charging cable. Generally, a damaged cable causes trouble and makes you incapable of turn-on Surface Pro. 

If your charging cable isn’t damaged, press and hold the power button for around 30 seconds. It’s an effective way of turning on the system.

Bring Your Microsoft Surface Pro to the Professional Repair Centres in the Philippines

Seemingly, the guideline mentioned above is quite useful to fix your Microsoft Surface Pro issues on your own. But, fixing such problems without technical expertise may cause further damage. So, it is better to bring your system to prominent repair centers in the Philippines. The professionals fix the problem and guide you well about how to overcome such issues in the future.

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