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Personalized Customer Service Have Indeed Come As a Boon. Check The Post Out!


After the skirting arena of development for many decades, disruptive technologies such as machine learning augmented reality, artificial intelligence seems to have finally has arrived- in full swing. Be it communication, interactive working, and problem-solving; these techs have evolved into a phenomenon. It is not just restricted to stereotypical 2D and 3D overlays but also context-oriented and personalized experiences.

Gone are the days when people used to make cost-effective purchases. With the time passing by, Customers today have more choice and information than ever, I mean one does not hesitate to move to a company that offers prompt and lucid solutions to customer questions, addresses complaints, and engages honestly of course with the personal touch. Fortunately for entrepreneurs, personalized customer service is one area where small businesses can really shine. Now, most of the time we spend days looking forward to those rare moments when everything is supposed to go right, but when it comes to businesses, you require spending your time maximizing those common moments when things don’t work according to pre-determined plans.

Consumers can be considered as statistics but not your customers. They are humans having good days, bad days just like you and me do. So when you happen to ask a wide group of people what brings them to you, to do business with your brand, and trust me their answers would majorly revolve around high quality’ customer experience. Whether you’re a retailer providing customer service in person, or B2B business, offering personalizes customer relationships can do a lot of wonders. However, here, the question is how one can achieve this break competitive advantage? Fret not; you are not just the one I have come across many customer-centric organizations grappling with such questions and being confused about where to start things from?

Personalization is something that is very imperative when it comes to enhancing customer experience, winning loyalty, reducing attribution, and foster robust customer relationships. However, things are easier said than done, and the reason is the lack of personalization. For example, sending mass emails, making cold calls, and reducing efforts at the contact center using generalized terms such as customer and customer support. Initially, you may not be affected, but this definitely comes with a cost. More and more customers feel dissatisfied and abandoned you in no time! In short, without personalization, you have got a lot to lose!

As a solution: Know where to customize and what to personalize

First and foremost, stop to think of is developing a comprehensive communication strategy. Make sure you incorporate personalization across all channels and functions of an organization. For instance, all the emails should be addressed with the name of the consumer, responses to complaints have the problem as the message, and customer agents can get you as much information as possible even before he/she makes a call. More importantly, personalization must pervade all touchpoints and consistently for a long time. It’s more about letting the customers know that you are behind all this and who are the ones they are connected to. Chatbots will dramatically reduce the volume of cases for customer service reps. Since bots are a self-service device, consumers don’t have to talk to one of the human reps to get answers.

Second, you can think of mentioning the name of the customer instead of addressing them as Dear Customer. You can even ask for the customer name at the beginning of a conversation in Chatbots; it helps greatly to find and mention as much you know about them. Also, “Dear Ms. Julia” is far better than “Dear Customer” any day. By doing this, you won’t just gain customer attention but also start building a relationship. Remember, most of the time; people love to have informal communications- so do the same. In addition to this, you can also highlight the fact that you respect their individuality by offering an email which is not a spam. Other than personalization, localization is equally essential, which can only be achieved by hiring experts who know about the culture and etiquette of your target audience.

Third, technology cannot be ignored at any rate. Many of you worry about a situation when all the efforts might get wasted. Technology can aid a lot in making things easier for you. Right from providing crucial information such as name, age, gender, occupation, etc. to customizing calls, emails, chatbot conversations and other communications, the list is endless. For example, using mass mailing with MS Excel is passé; several web domain providers provide technology to help you send mass emails with personalization, or you can think of using an automated database that could fetch important information such as name, gender, age, location, occupation, and the list goes on!

Apart from these,

This is just a partial list, I could simply go on and on such as be proactive, develop frequent communication, avoid as much miscommunications as you can, be flexible enough, use online touchpoints such as creating a website in personal tone, content featuring the details of your address, customer service numbers, links to social media sites, maps, and details of your team preferably with contact details and pictures for each to personalize services. It is quite important to ensure that the website is responsive and is accessible through different machines and phones. Last but certainly not least, a retailer could make suggestions when customers visit the store or send them an email or text message when new products come in that they might like. It works like a charm!

So what are you sitting tight for? Time to deliver the very best in customer service.

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