Wynyard Group: A tech-driven public safety analytics company

wynyard public safety analytics Company
wynyard public safety analytics Company

Public Safety Analytics helps to transform complex data into actionable insights. It includes pattern recognition, surveillance, and incident detection. It’s used to improve performance and accurately predict and prevent criminal activities. It can be used in public safety analytics compnay to benefit citizens, command control, and other people.

Wynyard Group, a technology-driven Public Safety Analytics Company, is one of the niches. We offer tailored software solutions to Asia-centric areas. Our goal is to protect the digital space for large-scale turnkey projects and provide them with innovative software solutions.

Wynyard Group’s customized and advanced big data analytics solutions allow organizations to transform large datasets into better decisions, lower operational costs, longer equipment life, and lower environmental impacts. The firm is now a successful data security and analytics company, thanks to the new strategy and vision of the management.

Public Safety Analytics Company Market by Analytics Type

* Prescriptive analytics* Predictive analysis
* Descriptive analytics

The market can be divided into three types based on analytics type: Prescriptive, Predictive, and Descriptive. Predictive analytics is expected to see huge growth in the market for public safety analytics. Its ability to predict who will offend or re-offend is what is driving the growth. Predictive analytics will reduce crime rates.

Public Safety Analytics Market by Application

* Incident detection
* Pattern Recognition
* Screening for Persons of Interest
* Surveillance

The market can be divided by Application into: Incident detection and Pattern recognition, Surveillance, Person of interest screening, and surveillance. The growth of the market for public safety analytics is expected to be driven by the person of incident screening segment. The person of interest screening app aids government agencies and public safety agencies in criminal investigations to find the guilty party. This application can be found in many public infrastructures like airports, train stations and government buildings.

Public Safety Analytics Market by Vertical

* Border Control (Land-, Sea-, and Air).
* Critical Infrastructure Security
* Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies
* Public Transportation Security
* Other

Geography of the Public Safety Analytics Market

* North America* Europe
* Asia Pacific
* Rest of the World

The Global Public Safety Analytics Market can be divided into North America and Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World based on regional analysis. North America will hold the largest market share. North America will dominate the market due to the presence in the region of public safety solution providers that provide public safety Analytics solutions for various public safety agencies. Asia Pacific is however the fastest growing region for public safety analytics. Public safety analytics have grown in Asia Pacific due to rapid economic growth and improvements in regulatory reforms.

Our software is an analytics tool that can be used by law enforcement agencies and government agencies to quickly reveal hidden insights and prevent crime.

ACA offers intuitive visualizations and analysis tools such as voice recognition, text analytics and other digital data analytics. This allows agencies to study structured and unstructured data efficiently and identify trends that can help them resolve a crime or predict the likelihood of it happening in specific areas.

We use digital technology to create data pointsers that show a pattern of crime. These patterns allow agencies to prevent criminal incidents by taking precautionary measures such as monitoring suspicious profiles on an ongoing basis.

Because they can be tailored to meet the needs of specific agencies, our software is simple to use.

Solutions for public safety analytics include video analytics and social media analytics as well as sensor data analytics and identity analytics. Other options include crowd analytics, speech analytics and text analytics. These solutions are designed to help you prepare for, identify, prevent, respond and respond to an emergency. Public safety analytics market is expected to be dominated by the identity analytics segment, which is predicted to account for the largest market share in 2017. The market landscape will change dramatically in 2017 with the growth of the market share in the identity analytics segment. This could be due to rapid adoption of social analytics solutions by organizations that help citizens avoid emergencies such as fire, overcrowding and natural disasters.

The market for Public Safety Analytics Market will experience a CAGR exceeding 29.39% over the forecast period (2021-2026). Public safety agencies must collaborate to share information about security threats in order to create a preventive mechanism that ensures optimal safety.

  • To reduce the time and damage from natural and artificial catastrophes, governments are developing more mitigation plans. This will help save more lives. The number of mass shootings has increased dramatically around the globe. The Boston Police Department (BPD), for example, invested almost 3.8%, or USD 14.6 millions, in public safety. This is an increase of nearly 3.8% over the previous fiscal year.
  • All over the globe, countries are investing in improving their surveillance and communication system. The Ipswich City Council (Australia), for example, is using video analytics. This city has become more innovative thanks to the video analytics platform. It supports law enforcement and optimizes municipal operations. The video is transformed into actionable intelligence that benefits the residents.
  • Law enforcement agencies face complex and constantly evolving crime. Countries around the world are using data analysis and data collation technologies to reduce crime rates and speed up their response times. The Indian Police force is taking a greater interest in analytics. Predictive analytics is also being used by the Indian Police force to identify areas most susceptible to crime.
  • Analytics is not only being used by law enforcement agencies, but also emergency medical services such as fire and rescue personnel. The Boston Fire Department used analytics to help manage its operations and prevent fires. This has allowed the fire department to make better decisions about personnel and equipment adjustments based on the current situation.
  • Public safety has been given a lot of attention due to the crucial role of public servants and first responders in responding to unprecedented public health emergencies like the COVID-19. Multiple departments are seen handling phone calls to protect first responders. Agencies have struggled to keep their workforces productive, as more people are being quarantined at home. This also protects officers from handling contaminated evidence.