Role of Box Manufacturers in Creating Attractive Apparel Packaging

box manufacturers

Customers are always intrigued about the next fashion trend. Brands use this excitement in their favor by creating packaging that exaggerates the customers’ experience with the business. For it, they often hire expert box manufacturers to seal the deal.

The global apparel industry has gathered pace over the years. With digital selling platforms, small brands have also joined in amid the potential of lowered operational costs. Enhanced marketing tactics and expanded scope of brand promotions (through digital models) have raised customers’ apparel shopping expectations. The apparel industry as a whole is estimated to spend about $150 billion on product packaging.

If we look at the retail section of apparel, the product packaging is as significant as the product itself. That ‘feel good factor’ is always important for attracting new customers as well as ensuring a satisfactory grade of customer satisfaction. Many times, it can be seen how the outer look of any product affects the purchasing decision of buyers. For a fashion-conscious industry, it matters even more.

Safeguarding the product is another important factor of apparel packaging. Manufactures obviously, don’t want their orders to get dirty, torn, or unnecessarily compressed during transit. It could give a bad brand image and deter the amount of effort put into creating the apparel items.

New brands may not have the adequate experience or setup to craft the ideal boxes that serve multiple purposes. This is one of the biggest reasons that the industry is heavily dependent on pro box makers to tackle the task for them.

Here we would explore why these box makers and designers have become an indispensable part of apparel packaging.

box manufacturers

One: Explore new possibilities

More often than not, elevating sales volumes depends on creating a niche for the brand and its products. In the fashion industry, everything is visual and so the packaging creates a custom brand perception.

Experienced box designers know about the current industry norms and what customers look for when they buy apparel items. Thus, they offer unique guidelines on designing the packaging depending on the product type and the intended customer base.

For instance, sports shoes are targeted to athletes and require the boxes to communicate the shoes as effective, comfortable, having firm grips, and durable. Relevant graphics and a strong mix of colors can radiate an energized brand appeal. Customers are bound to notice it and consider the brand for purchase.

Similarly all and every type of apparel item has an individual audience and styling requirements. Box designers with adequate experience in the field are better off at handling these specifications with ease and precision.

Two: Regulate the box dimensions

Fitting matters a lot. Apparel items must be packaged properly so they don’t waste box materials and protect the items from potential damages.

Due to many sectors in the apparel industry, not a one-size-fits-all box can be suitable for deliveries. The packaging has to be in sync with the product’s nature and viable to travel long distances. With rising e-commerce, the need for effective apparel boxes has become more prominent.

Professional box manufacturers realize this and craft boxes according to the sellers’ specifications. It could be simple items like T-shirts or more complex shoe structures and fashion couture, these makers are capable of handling all product measurements to create unique yet effective boxes.

Why unique?

You might be wondering why the box appeal is significant. Well, to put it simply, the box structures are brand-differentiating tools. Box makers have the right box-making mechanism and cutting techniques that can productively create offbeat box looks. It helps the brand to be spotted immediately at retail outlets and gives a memorable unboxing vibe too.

Three: Know the best cost deals

The ideal printing houses understand that small and new brands may not have unlimited budgets. Therefore, they devise strategies to blend in box features that fit into the stated financial constraints without compromising on quality.

What do apparel brands want more? Constructive boxes at affordable deals dually work to protect and brand the apparel business in the best possible manner without disrupting budgets. It is like having your cake and eating it too!

Such cost-cuttings are a result of:

  • Required amount of stock paper used.
  • Ordering in bulk.
  • Using suitable printing inks and effects that gel with the cost structures provided by apparel sellers.
  • Saving through compressed customer complaints. Deliveries sent in good forms and on time give customers a strong reason to be content with the brand and order again.
  • Professional stylists design the boxes like a pro and that minimizes the need for extra marketing costs.

Four: Pour in effective branding

One of the primary reasons why custom packaging is at the forefront of apparel branding is because of its ability to capture customers’ curiosity.

Apt stylists design the apparel boxes to look like an extension of the brand image. They pick and suggest the most suitable box features that include:

  • The brand logo and name. Font styles and colors matter to make these more visible. Printing techniques such as embossing and foil stamping enables the brand identity to stick out.
  • Graphical presentation of the products. Apparel items are creative items and must be extended as so. Powerful images let customers get a good idea of the product and the brand values.
  • Laminations, coatings, and innovative box seals. These keep the contents safe while protecting the boxes from wearing off quickly. Laminations add sparkle as an added advantage.
  • Premium inks and varied printing mechanisms. Today, there are more than one ways to print apparel boxes. Apparel sellers can choose from inks, textures, printing effects, and more to give an executive feel to the boxes.

The whole purpose of using the boxes for superior protection and emitting the right brand identity is achieved by bringing knowledgeable box manufacturers on board.


By now, you would be amazed by the sheer potential of box makers in saving costs and adding a competitive edge to the apparel brand. So, get started now!