Simplify Your Next Move with Cats in 8 Smart Steps!


Do you own a pet, a furry little cat? Then you would resonate with us when we say they are no less than family. You find a dear house member in them when they are around! As a guardian and a pet owner, you go uneasy whenever the thought of shifting homes comes to your mind. Just in case, you are someone moving from Sambalpur to Mangalore, here are a few tips that you can take a clue from if you have a beloved feline involved in the process. Also, notify the packers and movers in Sambalpur, so that you and your pet both can have a stress-free transition.

Once you have done that, prepare your cat for the journey by following these tips:

  1. Create a zone – The pets are hypersensitive and smart and they would realize there is some upheaval in their setting as soon as you will start working on your moving preparations. They would appear unsettled, apprehensive, and roam around relentlessly. In some cases, you can even find your pet aloof and calm. It is how they behave whenever there is something of high anticipation happening around. Different cats have different temperaments and you will get to see how your beloved cat is responding to the change in their space.
  2. Make things easy – Your cats would already be stressed, so rather than worsening the situation, try to spend time with them. Help them battle the anxiety they are going through. Play with them; let them roam around the house while you prepare your goods for the move. This will let them find comfort in the situation and they will be happy! An important thing you can look over is preparing their carrier in advance and keeping that in their area. The more they will see it, wander over and around it, they will familiarize themselves with the setup.
  3. Speak to movers – Have you discussed everything clearly with your movers? Have you informed them about your moving requirements, apart from the pet care and support you are looking out for, from them? In case, you have not, make sure you do. You should be assured that the company you have hired for your move is proficient enough to take care of your pet cat over the moving journey. Ask if they have a customized crating facility for pets and what amenities they offer within their range of pet-relocation services, the costs, etc.
  4. Pet care services – Before you finalize a mover, just go through their pet care services and the assistance they can offer and if you have some concerns or additional requirements, just put them across to the experts. They will help you with the best guidance and support! Here are a few advantages you can get if you opt for the dedicated pet relocation services from the leading moving experts. They are – a 24*7 supervision on their movements, time-to-time assessment of their needs, and a promise of comfortable handling and moving experience. And the best part is, all of this will be accompanied by the minimal hassle and nominal charges.
  5. Keep their comforters – Getting back to the packing preparations again. You should give ample time to prepare the carrier of your pet cat so that everything around them feels familiar! Like the toys they play with, the objects they are always surrounded with, the clothes and bedding items that comfort them, etc. should be put out and kept on the carrier. Your pet would take some time to get familiarized with the novel things happening around but would be tangled with their carrier. Let them be comfortable with their hauler until it is time to place them in that.
  6. Put together essentials – Once your pet is ready, and even the professionals have been notified of the moving requirements, do not forget to prepare the documentation. You need to put together all your paperwork and verification documents – from the vaccination reports, health certificates, etc. In addition to that, you might be required to consider some specific rules and guidelines so your pet navigation process happens effortlessly. Depending on the mode of transportation you opt for them, there would be a set of concerns, so look into that. You should also keep your documents and ID proofs in place, and it is better if you keep all of these papers in one comprehensive moving binder.
  7. Speak to the veterinarian – To ensure your furry friend moves into your new home in good health and mood, you have to look after it throughout the journey. Yes, the moving experts will be there with them if you are sending them off with them, but if you are taking them along in your vehicle, you have to keep a continual watch over their schedules and whereabouts, meals, and moods. Following up with the veterinarian’s advice is recommended for the journey. Keep a tab on their health and help them with medicines if you see them uncomfortable and sluggish.
  8. Create the setup – After you have moved to your new home and your pet friend has also shown up at the place, see if they are fine. Caress them; cuddle them up so they do not feel left out in this new setup. This sudden change in their habitat would take them some time to open up and embrace the new setting. So, make sure you spend time with them, take them out for walks and plays, serve them with their favorite meals, create their zone with their things, and make it comforting so they can rest and sleep.

Our pets are not only one of those highly instinctive creatures but they are equally sensitive! They sense even the minute of changes in their surroundings and zone out if they find the situations unfavourable!
So, when you are moving with them, make sure to take good care of them and hire specialists – Agarwal Movers in Sambalpur who have their distinct pet relocation services designed for their customers.

Remember, relocations could be equally disturbing and overwhelming for your pets, and showing some concern and doing the needful can make things easier and fun for them!