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Smart Tricks to Make Home Shifting Easier for Kids

Moving to a new habitat, in a new neighbourhood, and embracing a new life and lifestyle is undeniably difficult. And, the challenge raises a notch higher when you have kids involved in the process. Leaving a place where our tots spent their foremost days is not easy! You have to deal with their overwhelming emotions and also get ahead with your relocation plan alongside. But, if you have a top relocation company like Agarwal Packers then moving with your kids is not that difficult!

The task of packing, transporting and unpacking requires effective planning. You cannot do it single-handedly. Being equipped with daily home chores and work would rarely leave you with time to manage your packing but, once you have the experts on board, you can carry out the house tasks and manage your kids, without any hassle.

In this comprehensive blog post, we have shared some ideas that can make the relocation journey a bit easy and smooth for your kids.

  1. Make the children part of your pre-packing process

Another ideal tip to help children overcome the moving day nervousness is by familiarizing them with the new place. You can show them the pictures of the new house, the play area within your society campus, or the new school they will be going to! You can even take them along at times for house visits or simply for a walk to make them get familiar with the neighbourhood area or the nearby recreation centre. Communicate with your neighbours by taking your child along, to drop a ‘hi hello’ to their children a great way to help them tackle the newness. These small acts would help your children deal with the loneliness and they shall be well acquainted with the new place.

  1. Always involve your children in the packing tasks

Since you shall be physically, mentally, and emotionally involved with the kids to give them a happy moving experience, it is normal for them to feel isolated and uneasy during the process and also in the foreign land. You can involve your children in the various small and big tasks that you would carry out prior to moving. You can even take them along with you on house hunts and narrate stories to build excitement. If you have growing children, you can ask them about their likes and dislikes for the shades of the rooms, space and designs they want for their new room, and more. Seeking their opinion is a great way to make them feel involved.

Meanwhile, you can call them to participate in the packing process. For instance, you can ask them to come over for packing their stationery and art section at your home. Although your professional team of movers will be doing it all, you can still allow your children to pack some part of their personal things like packing their school or college items, clothes, books, toys, etc. To divulge your kid’s mood, you can also ask them to put colour stickers and titles on the packages that you got printed for labelling purposes. The idea behind doing this is to keep them busy and to avert them from getting into the moving anxiety.

  1. Organise a farewell party

Saying goodbye to the community people is never ever easy for your tiny toddlers. But you can make it easier for them! How about throwing a get-together to bid goodbye to your old friends, colleagues and neighbourhood people? Great, right? This farewell party would signify your departure and inspire your children to look forward to the new house to embrace a new life in the new area! You can also organize a house warming party in the new house with the new people from your neighbourhood. This will be a great time for your children to be acquainted with the new people and friends around.

  1. Prepare a moving day kit

Does your child love chocolates and donuts? Or something peppery, like the new yummy snack that launched in your town shop? Well, then this is time for you to pack your child’s favourite food items with you and other things your child cannot do without and get going! Fill this bag with some great food, snacks, colours, art books, puzzles, games, play items, and stuffed toys. This will help them enjoy their moving day experience the most. And the best part, they can gorge on their favourite delicacies anytime and enjoy!

  1. Help your child design a memory book

Who does not love going through the old family album, the snapshot collection, or simply, the memory book that Google throws at you yearly? Almost every one of us does! Now it is that time when you can ask your child to create their own memory book with their favourite photographs of the old house and take them along. This will help them enjoy their last days in the house and let them reminisce about their past happy times spent with the family and friends. These memory books help to walk down memory lane with the moments they can cherish forever in their lives.

These were some of the major tips to help relocate an easier job and less stressful for the kids.

Closing Note

Relocating to a new home, in an unfamiliar location is not easy. And all of this becomes tougher when your tiny tots are also moving with you! With the last-minute moving day preparations in full swing, what remains on the top of your mind is to manage your kids and help them get over the moving day relic. Since they step out of their regular routines, the sudden disruption certainly adds to the tension. While the entire relocation project can be managed by the Agarwal Packers and Movers you can pay attention to your child and his needs to make the move easier for them.

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