Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers to Use in 2020

Analytics is the core of any marketing strategy, and social media marketing, is no exception. As it is said: what can't be measured, can't be improved. You need to measure your every effort, in order to maximize your campaign performance.

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Social media is an important part of our lives in today’s world. Whether you accept this fact or not, social media has effects on all fields of life and due to this very reason, social media related analytical tools are essential components of a Social Marketing Manager’s work.

We all love instant likes and new followers once we post something new but without taking a look at the bigger picture you can’t judge the efficiency of your digital strategy. This bigger picture is only visible when you dive deep using social media analytics, also you can’t be sure about the success of your brand on social media without properly analyzing your profile’s performance.

All social media platforms provide you with some level of performance insight about your account. Some are better than others like Facebook provides a lot of better insight into your account as compared to Instagram. But there are some good reasons to employ a social media analytical tool like:

  • These tools structure data in such a way that you can easily see the weaknesses and strengths of your social media marketing strategy.
  • These tools analyze such data that is otherwise inaccessible to you (social media monitoring data).
  • They present insights in visual form so that you can easily draw actionable ideas from them.
  • You can easily view general progress as these tools combine data from many different online platforms.
  • Business Teams and Stakeholders can benefit greatly from the analytical reports sent out by these Tools.
  • These tools are also capable of comparing social data of several brands so you can analyze how you compare to your competitors.

There are so many social media analytical tools out there. These tools can be categorized based on their functionality:

  1. Tools that analyze social media Profiles.
  2. Tools that Analyze social media Data like around your brand, niche or competitors brand.
  3. Tools that support Analytical features and include analytical and scheduling features.

Let’s take a look at the best analytical tools that you can grab, what they are capable of and Pricing.

1. Awario:

This tool can help you with everything from finding leads on social media to researching the market. Awario is a social network research tool that gathers and analyzes data from other people’s profiles. This data is gathered based on the keywords you provide. These keywords could be your brand name, niche related words, key personal names, and other social media handles.

Boolean Search enables Laser-Focused monitoring. This feature enables users to create extremely specific and to the point queries so that only the data that is relevant is searched and analyzed.

Awario provides support for multiple platforms. It enables users to analyze data from many different sources on the internet like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, News Sites, Blogs and many others.

It also provides support for historical data. With the help of Awario, you can go back to any time in history on the internet provided that social media Platform existed at that time and view what people used to talk about at that time.


There is a free trial available for this amazing tool and the pricing starts at Dollars 29 per Month.

2. Agorapulse:

The aim of this tool is to be your All-in-One hub for managing social media profiles. It provides the capability to schedule social media posts, Performance Analysis and monitoring of hashtags and keywords.

These Monitoring capabilities are not as broad as of a monitoring tool but they are still there. Agorapulse boosts such features that are powerful enough to provide you with a better picture of your social media performance.

Instagram stories data reports are available. social media Managers out there know the pain of ephemeral data very well i.e. Stories based data that is only available for 14 days. Agorapulse provides you access to stories data for a chosen period of time.

The Labeling System is there to help. If you use Agorapulse’s scheduling capabilities you can label posts according to their topic. This helps you in viewing which topics generated the most discussion through reports.

Agorapulse not only analyzes the data but it also provides you with actionable recommendations and tips. You can find which hashtag derived the most activity, which is the best time to post on social media and other such things.


There is a 28 days Free Trial available for Agorapulse and the monthly pricing starts from 99 Dollars per Month.

3. Social Status:

This one is a straightforward tool that is capable of combining data from several social media platforms and to put together reports in order to help you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your social media strategy. This tool also enables you to compare your metrics with any public Facebook page, YouTube Channel. Instagram profile or Twitter Account.

Not many social media analytical tools, influencer analysis features so it is a huge plus point that this platform does. It allows you to track the overall performance of influencers on social media and also the performance of a specific post that these Influencers made according to your collaboration.

It provides Ads Analysis tools. It allows you to connect your Facebook Ads Account and provides you with reports about your Ads, Campaigns and Ad Sets 


It is a Freemium Tool but you can unlock more capabilities by paying Dollars 29.

4. Falcon:

This tool is one of the oldest social media analytical tools out there on the market. It is one of those tools that strive to include all features like Tracking Performance, Management of Direct Messages, gathering social media listening data and more.

This tool enables Custom URL Tracking. It allows you to add custom parameters to the URLs you insert in a post so that you can track the related traffic in Google Analytics.

Analytical Data on the Audience. With the power of labeling and filtering system, you can easily segment your audience. These filters could include social platforms, hashtags, and genders.

It provides Open API access. You can share its analytical capabilities across the world by sharing your data on external dashboards.


Falcon offers two plans, starter and pro but it doesn’t provide information about pricing as is the case with many Enterprise Level Tools. You need to contact them for details.

5. Keyhole:

Keyhole can combine Data from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram profiles and provides analysis on social media monitoring data.

 AI-based Hashtag Performance Analysis. AI Technology can help you in predicting how the hashtag will perform in the coming days, weeks and months. It can also provide information regarding the level of engagement, reach and the impressions the hashtag will generate.

This Tool’s dashboard helps in finding which topics are featured more and more and those that are losing traction in conversations.

It allows access to Social Analytical API which allows you to embed YouTube, Twitter and data from the web to be embedded in your website, software you build and in reports.


Software is available free to try and pricing starts at Dollars 199 per Month.

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