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Exploring the Top 10 Blockchain Companies From Australia

Looking for top blockchain development companies in Australia? Here’s a list of best blockchain development services with verified client reviews and ratings to assist you in selecting your trusted top blockchain developer.

Recently, the Australian government published a 52-page report on its vision regarding blockchain development in the country. Essentially, the document acts as a roadmap for the future. According to it, the biggest blockchain sector in the continent is Financial and Insurance services, which is about 40% of the whole market. Additionally, the country has invested in several initiatives within its borders, which aim to upskill its workforce and prepare it for the future.

So, with plans aimed for the long-run, the country patiently plays its moves in order to prepare itself for the Internet Economy. In this article, we will explore what are the hottest blockchain companies in Australia right now, starting with firms situated in the Financial sector of Blockchain.


Well, TAGZ is fully-regulated and licensed by the Australian authorities. Also, it is AML/CTF compliant and registered in AUSTRAC (the Australian version of the FCA in the UK) as a Dual Gateway Exchange for Crypto Assets. The platform offers 91 assets to trade and 5 main pairs: BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, and TAGZ5. The Maker and Taker fees are set at 0.01%, while the withdrawal fees differ from asset to asset.

A simple Google search would tell you that new exchanges that offer IEOs are usually suspicious. TAGZ has decided to lead the way and differentiate itself from these players when it completely stopped IEOs on the exchange earlier this month. When you think of it, the business forgoes a very safe way to make money in favor of you. In reality, you do not see such a move that often, especially in the crypto space. It’s a nice change in what seems the right direction.

2. Swiftx

If you are a trader who prefers to have a wide choice of available assets to exchange, then Swyftx could provide you with 79 of them. The exchange takes a $2 withdrawal fee for amounts that are less than $200. However, anything above that amount could be withdrawn for free. You just have to be mindful of the daily limit, which is $100,000.
The exchange keeps their fees at a very low rate of 0.6%, where discounts are provided for high-volumes. A trick traditional exchanges use to make more money is by introducing hidden fees applied through the spread. To differentiate itself, Swyftx has provided information on its spreads, which average at about 0.8%.

3. CoinSpot

If you are the type of person who likes to withdraw smaller amounts from your account, then CoinSpot might be the exchange for you. It has no withdrawal fees and it offers 70 assets which you can trade!

The exchange has been operational since 2013 and it charges Market Orders with 0.1% fees, while the Instant Buy/Sell/Swap option costs 1%. However, deposits tell a different story. POLi payments and PayID deposits have no fees, while BPAY payments are charged with a 0.9% fee, and Cash payments are charged with a whopping 2.5%. If you choose this exchange, that is something to think about if you want to optimize your costs.

4. Independent Reserve

If you are after trading the top 30 cryptocurrencies only, then the Independent Reserve is where you should go. It offers local settlement in AUD, USD, and NZD and 15 crypto assets. However, only USDT is the available choice of a stable coin, which is routinely scrutinized for its relative volatility.

The exchange offers an OTC market, which is the premium service targeted towards Institutional Players. The deals start from $100,000 onwards. If you are withdrawing your money in AUD then there are no withdrawal fees. However, international payments are charged with a fixed rate of $20. In addition, there is a discount available on larger 30-day trade volumes, starting from AUD 100,000.

5. CoinJar

With so much trading you might want to be able to spend your crypto coins. This is where CoinJar could help you. The company offers several services, one of which is a Digital Wallet account coupled with a card. This would allow you to withdraw funds from any ATM in Australia.

However, you might be looking for the ability to trade as well. CoinJar offers Exchange services, as well as a Trading Desk for the more demanding players. So, all you need to do is to download the app. This would allow you to buy, trade, spend, and withdraw any of the available cryptocurrencies right from your device. 

6. DigitalX

Maybe you consider starting a firm using blockchain technology, but you have no idea where to begin. This is where DigitalX could help you. Its main business is to provide Blockchain Consultation Services. They cover anything from Contractual Consensus Management, Asset Tokenisation, IoT Blockchain Integration, to Supply Chain Management.

In simpler terms, DigitalX could help you understand if Blockchain technology is right for your firm, and what is the best implementation according to your situation. Currently, the firm seems to be expanding into Asset Management, where it would target Institutional players, but this service is not live yet.

7. PowerLedger

With the current global warming trends, you might be interested in a more sustainable energy source. This is where PowerLedger comes to play. The company has created a platform that allows its users to trade energy. In essence, you could buy or sell the electricity generated from a rooftop solar panel, or you could trade the energy stored in batteries. In addition to the above, PowerLedger enables you to trade Environmental Commodities such as Carbon Credits.

The world of blockchain allows for fragmentation. For example, you might not be able to afford to purchase a home, but you surely could purchase a fraction of a home. Much like shares in a company. PowerLedger has applied this model to the Energy market, where it allows you to own a fraction of a Renewable Energy Asset. So, you might not have the money or the space to build a solar panel farm, but you can still become a part-owner.

8. Red Belly Blockchain

You might be interested in an already-developed, stable, and secure blockchain network, which features the right incentives for the participants in the ecosystem. Well, RedBelly Blockchain is a project developed in conjunction with the University of Sydney and The Australian Research Council. The blockchain handles more than 600,000 transactions per second. To put this into perspective, Visa handles 50,000 transactions per second at peak performance.

Red Belly prides itself on its security measures. Existing blockchains usually lose assets when a third of the participants experience a problem. As most miners are rational players, they would attempt to hack their own devices should the pros outweigh the cons. Red Belly monitors closely such participants and punishes them heavily, to increase the cost associated with any attempts to force double-spending. 

9. Block 8

Maybe you require a lot more support in implementing blockchain technology. Naturally, you would be looking for a larger team, which is what Block 8 provides. The company has 37 employees and 4 advisors. The firm would guide you on the journey of implementing the technology.

It has provided an average timeline it would take you to fully transition your enterprise to the blockchain. The range of time it would take is 6 to 18 months, which is divided into 4 stages: Product Discovery & Validation (Avg. Duration: 3 months), MVP Development (Avg. Duration: 6 months), Traction & Raise (Avg. Duration: 3 months), and Support & Transition (Avg. Duration: 1-7 months).

10. Chrono.tech

You might be a person of a very specific skill set that would allow you to freelance. However, you probably don’t want to pay the major platforms for all the fees associated with their usage. Chrono.tech is a company, which operates in the HR world and helps freelancers meet potential clients.

The firm’s platform is built on blockchain, which reduces the fees significantly, while still maintaining the highest standards of security. However, consider the volatile exchange rate before you put all your eggs in this basket. Nevertheless, it is worth it to take a look there every now and then. After all, the clients it brings would be of a higher caliber, as it would take them a certain piece of knowledge to discover this platform.


The blockchain space is still in its early development stages. Nevertheless, compare the space to two years ago and you would see exponential progress has been made. The Australian government has recognized this trend, and it clearly understands the importance of this technology for the future. Other governments would likely follow, but those that enter this space earlier would have an enormous advantage – and so would the companies.Disclaimer: I do not have any vested interest in any of the mentioned projects. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and is not investment advice. Do your research.

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