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Top App Developers in Singapore

There is no question about the fact that we have reached the mobile era. One field that is continuing to grow is app development, particularly for business goals. Apps are being used for various purposes from getting a task completed to purchasing or selling products. This has, as such, brought the mobile app developers into a limelight. These app development firms work hard to bring us the best applications across platforms on various smartphones. Mobile apps are no longer limited to entertainment only, they have become a necessity. Today, almost every business has a mobile app that helps in the promotion of its products and services. Due to this specialized mobile app development firms became extremely important as entrepreneurs. Businesses which were unable to adapt their business to the evolving market fast enough took the help of mobile apps and saw a huge change in their Returns on Investment. App developers offer vital technical expertise that helps business grow. In a world where mobile app development firms are mushrooming around us, it is necessary to hire the best from among all of them to stand out in the ever-growing competition of countless applications available worldwide.

Why Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps have become a necessity today for every business that wants to survive the test of time. Android or iPhone, everyone possesses a mobile phone today. To enhance their user experience they require more and more mobile apps due to which app development firms are developing apps that are compatible with a broader range of mobile devices and meet the ever-rising demands of mobile users. Flutter is one such tool that helps app developers develop apps for multiple platforms without having to code again and again. By the use of mobile apps businesses can enhance their visibility among customers due to the enormous presence of mobile devices across the globe. They can expand their reach too which will help the users to know more about the business and communicate with them efficiently. Every business house can collect data from its customers and analyze it to provide a better and more personalized user experience to its clients.

App Development Firms in Singapore

Singapore is home to a huge community of skilled mobile app developers who develop mobile apps for their clients using the latest and trending technologies. However, it is not always easy to find a reliable app development firm that helps its clients to meet the specified objectives. This is true for all app developers in Singapore or elsewhere across the globe. Below is a list of top app developers in Singapore who can help their clients generate more revenue while also fulfilling the needs of their users.


iQlance is a Singapore-based application and game development company. The team of expert employees was formed in 2010, and specializes in the development of web apps, mobile apps, and custom software. This company is offering services to small companies, mid market companies, corporations, and have their focus on gaming & information technology. The company gained recognition by offering a broad portfolio of mobile apps on different platforms. With years of industry experience, iQlance continues to deliver innovative solutions for their customers. Their major clients include famous companies in Singapore as well as the whole world.


Founded in 2009, Singsys is a software development company headquartered in Singapore, with a team of more than 400 professionals. This app development company provides small and mid-market businesses. Their services include mobile app development, web development, and UX/UI design. Singsys have been working with their  clients in the field of e-commerce, hospitality, healthcare, and education sectors. The organisation delivers application solutions for Android and iOS at reasonable prices without any hassles, and is known to provide the best customer support. The app development company has delivered over 2000+ applications across the globe till date. They have worked with renowned organizations including KPMG, Samsung, Fujifilm.


Buuuk began as an experimental app, but over the past decade, has developed into a full-fledged customer service studio. They’re focused on creating both iOS and Android applications. At Buuuk, each project is driven by an emphasis on design. Besides the development of a mobile app, a mobile project includes a scalable and secure server backend. Their team, with vast experience, deploys reliable servers and integrates them with existing setups. Their main clients comprise Singtel, Maybank, SMRT, Global Blue, DB Schenker.


Codigo is a software agency with an experienced team of developers and designers. They create superior mobile applications, games, websites, and backend systems. Codigo earned its title among Singapore’s top Android and iOS device developers, having released more than 300 successful apps. They co-incubated seven startups and developed smart backend technology in mobile apps to enhance customer experience. The company strives to ensure mobile users adapt to changing trends in mobile app development and has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the South Asian-Pacific region over the last five years. Their clientele includes HBO, OCBC Bank, Furama, Suntory.


Zoliotech was formed in 2008 and provides mobile app development to various business enterprises.They also provide app maintenance and in-house consultation to their customers at extremely affordable prices. Zoliotech specializes in developing mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. The company’s area of expertise is in developing location-based mobile applications, with effortless functioning and a user-friendly interface. They also provide tutorial lessons before signing up with their clients, helping them understand the process of app development.

Rainmaker Labs

Rainmaker Labs, acquired by KPMG last year, is a mobile app development company that provides services for enterprises and retail businesses. Founded in 2011, Rainmaker labs is a fast-growing software development firm headquartered in Singapore, with more than 70 employees. Enterprise applications are delivered through a highly technical mobility platform, which acts as a backend for existing projects and enables third party integrations to be integrated into the application. Their key clients include IBM, MasterCard, StarHub, PayPal.

Oasis Web Asia

Headquartered in Singapore, Oasis Web Asia provides services including mobile app development, website development, web designing, social networking, and content management system. Though it primarily had customers in the USA, Oasis Web Asia has now acquired several clients from all over the world. They offer a wide variety of innovative web solutions at exceedingly affordable prices. The company is known to value their client’s satisfaction more than anything and consider it as their top priority. Their main clients are Honda, Casio, Daikin, The Ritz-Cartlon.

Monstar Lab

Monstar Lab is an app and web development company with over 800 employees. They provide end-to-end solutions for web-based and mobile platforms. Formed in 2006, the company has its headquarters in Singapore, with offices in 12 countries. Monstar Lab has successfully delivered more than 2000 projects till date. Services include mobile app development, e-commerce and web development, UI/UX design, and wearable app development. Their clientele includes Sony, BMW, Hitachi, Fujitsu.


Founded in 2014, APPLIFY is a leading custom software and mobile app development company known for their performance, reliability, and award-winning applications. Their aim is to develop apps that offer a unique user experience. The firm has more than 200 clients and launches over 50+ projects annually. Applify offers the complete package of services including app development, design, strategy, marketing, and maintenance. Their key clients include National Life & General Insurance, PETA, DHI Group.

Square Fresco

Established in 2011, Square Fresco Solution strives to provide its users with user-friendly mobile applications. They have successfully delivered several projects and have become one of the most experienced developers in Singapore, due to their transparent attitude concerning their operational activities. Square Fresco provides services including mobile app development, e-commerce and web development, and custom software development at affordable prices.


Choosing the right mobile app development company that will help you defeat the competition with a unique app is an extremely important step for every business. The above-mentioned top app developers in Singapore are known for their exceptional apps and an impressive clientele. Before selecting a mobile app development company, one should consider their business requirements, and based on those requirements, determine which one will be suitable for their business.

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