Top JavaScript Frameworks to Use in 2020

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Here is the list of Top 10 Most Demanded JavaScript Frameworks in 2020

As the new year unfolds, we must catch, up on the latest technologies for 2020 that can help our businesses grow. Talking about web development, JavaScript plays a huge role in building server-side, client-side, desktop and mobile apps. Known as the primary language for web development, JavaScript can design apps aligned with many features and functionalities to develop interactive user-interfaces. With several numbers of JavaScript frameworks that are available in the market today, it can be a difficult task to choose one for your project. Before you hire a dedicated developer, let’s go through the list of the leading JavaScript Frameworks that are best to use for your next project in 2020.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting programming language that was developed in the late ’90s by Netscape and has become a modern web development standard today. Almost every active website run on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. How it became so popular? We’ll find out! Earlier, JavaScript was blamed for irritating pop-ups and crashing websites. However, the capability of running on both the client and the server-side (using NodeJS) is what makes JavaScript still promising. This opens a new way of sharing code between the frontend and the backend. Being a scripting language, JavaScript cannot run alone, and the browser is needed.  

How to Choose a Leading JavaScript Framework for Your Project?

We know that JavaScript is mainly used for enhancing user interaction with the webpage. With technology advances over the years, JavaScript and the tools for creating JavaScript apps continue to evolve. Here is the list of top JavaScript Frameworks for 2020 that can help in choosing a front-end framework that fits your project perfectly.

a) Angular

This is an open-source framework that is based on client-side technology and mainly used for building dynamic web applications. With the combined functionalities of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, this structural framework enables developers to build their templates on HTML. Some of the advantages are large active community support, component-based architecture, Ahead-of-time (AOT) compiler, angular elements and more. Some big brands are Microsoft, Udemy, Google, etc.

b) React

Developed by Facebook in 2013, React is a JavaScript library that is open source in nature. Considered as easy, fast and flexible, this framework became JavaScript developers’ favorite as it enables them to spend more time writing JavaScript code than framework-specific code. The top benefit is virtual DOM implementation that helps in locally comparing elements and allowing React libraries to render only changed components saves time and avoids needless operations. Netflix, Facebook, Yahoo and many others use React.

c) Vue

Built with the motive to make UI development more organized, Vue is a progressive JavaScript library developed by Evan You in 2014. Known as lightweight and fast in nature, Vue is based on MVC architecture that makes the configuration of Vue apps simple. Some features are PWA support, instant prototyping, Vue.js DevTools, which is the browser extension enabling developers to inspect web apps & change data manually. One disadvantage is the language barrier for English-speaking developers as most of the materials in the community are in Chinese.  

d) Ember

Launched in 2011, Ember is also an open-source framework that helps in building large-scale mobile and web apps. Advantages are well-written documentation, Ember Command-line interface that enhances development, Model-View-View-Model pattern that boasts two-way data binding. However, Ember JavaScript can be a disadvantage for some developers as it is closely tied to jQuery. Apple Music is an example of an Ember-based mobile app.

e) Mithril

This framework is known as a modern and fast MVC framework that helps developers in creating single-page applications Since their APIs are lightweight, apps that are built with Mithril load faster. It comes with documentation support having guides as well as tutorials for easy understanding. Nike and Fitbit use Mithril for their projects. However, Mithril’s small size API can be effective only for small projects and applications that need speed.

f) Aurelia

Another modern JavaScript framework is Aurelia, which is developer-friendly and advanced with a huge number of open-source JS modules. With this framework, developers can build components using plain, JavaScript and Vanilla TypeScript. It is considered as one of the faster rendering frameworks and its architecture ensures the usage of client and server-side simultaneously.

g) Node

The last framework is Node JS, which is more like a whole server-side JavaScript run-time environment. This enables developers to use a single programming language for both server-side and client-side scripts. LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, etc. are some of the companies that use Node JS. Since this framework works in runtime environments, it can be used in building networking and server-side applications. If you want to build editing-type and real-time collaborative apps, Node JS is the best choice.

Closing Statement

By the end of this post, you must be quite aware of several top JavaScript frameworks that can be considered for your next project. However, it is important to know your project requirements thoroughly and choose the suitable one based on your project and functionalities you need. Before making a final decision, we recommend you consider factors like performance, functionality, documentation, community support, etc. of the JS framework you want. Still, confused? You can take help from the experts of the leading web app development company to clear your doubts and choose the right framework for your project needs.

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