Top Renowned New Android 11 Features

Android 11 features

if you are one of the top developers, your wait for the latest Android 11 is over! The Android app studio has launched its first developer preview for yet another performer smartphone that you will love to possess. Yes, the Android 11 is the newest avatar of its mobile operating system. Available on the stable channel, it happens to be one of the earliest previews that Google has done so far. Although the beta is an early version, you might see some changes before it is rolled out in May. 

A Promise to Take Away

Yes, with the remarkable Android 11 features, there is much within the reach of customers’ fingertips now; thanks to some of the top Android App Development Houston firms that can now customize it for their business. Among the striking specifications of the Android 11, Google boasts of its enhanced support for 5G, the novel messaging interface and the improved privacy features. 

This preview is focused on the developer fraternity; especially for Pixel 2, 3, 3A and 4. The most interesting aspect of this version is that it can be installed with a full flash. Well, that means be prepared to get all data wiped out. You can prevent such a catastrophe by avoiding its installation on your primary device. 

Seamless Features 

Among a plethora of upgrades and new Android 11 features that you will find on the Android 11 gizmo, there is a “split view” feature in the design editor that you will love. Pugged in the design editor, this can enable you to develop and preview “XML” arrangements. If you are scouting for advanced viewing features, the multiple-displays in the Android Emulator are surely a winning deal. That’s because you can easily save the view you want wherein you will be able to load your choicest layout based on the file you want to edit. 

It is worth mentioning that the fresh “color picker” makes it easier for users to pick and choose from a range of color values without having to type them out. You can work on unique designs; thanks to the advanced design tools and the XML editor. 

Debugging won’t be a challenge any more as the automatic memory leak detection can make this process seem like a cakewalk. Developers can interact with the emulated device location with the Android Emulator 29.2.12 on Android 11. Also, if you want to be spot-on with locations or create routes, the extended control menu on this device’s Google Maps simplifies it for you. 

Floating Bubbles 

The floating bubbles feature that was meant to be on Android 10 can now be seen as the all-new UI for several messaging apps as an integral part of Android 11 features. With these bubbles, you will have access to notifications and conversations, while using other applications, in a hassle-free manner. You will also be given the leverage of moving these bubbles anywhere on your smartphone to avoid any disruptions.

Floating bubbles are created in the notification system. They are user-friendly and can be easily seen above other application’s content. The best Android App Development Houston companies can now easily create a mobile digital platform for businesses to keep their target customers connected at all times via a customized social media channel.

If you were fretting the app permissions that were previously missing in older models, this Android version has added the option of allowing apps to temporarily access your camera, location data and microphone. The simple feature goes miles in face-lifting the security future on your Android 11. 

A Leap in Recording

While screen recording was to be seen in Android 10’s betas, it couldn’t make its way to the final version, but now your Android 11 has it. What’s even better is the fancy UI that it is packed with, thus making your immediate screen recordable. 

The Little Impactful Changes 

Your Android 11 features automated dark mode toggles. For Pixel 4, the new motion sense gesture makes it possible to ‘play and pause’ music with ease. If you are looking for that increased touch sensitivity on your Android, this version with its Pixel 4 setting works perfectly with screen savers. That ‘airplane’ mode which often disconnected the Bluetooth audio connections will no longer interfere with its performance on Android 11. 

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