Why Using Custom Apparel Packaging is A Good Marketing Option?

custom packaging

Shipping apparel becomes easier when you have effective custom packaging. These are lightweight boxes that don’t add much weight to the shipping and packaging costs.

Creating an unusual shopping experience is what marks the difference between one-time impulsive purchases and customer loyalty. Apparel brands don’t only have to compete on their product quality but also on how they present their companies.

The apparel industry is set to gain a growth rate of 4.7% from 2021 to 2025. Fashion trends, customers buying choices, and economic conditions highly affect sales levels in this industry. While the changing fashion dimensions and social dynamics are hard to influence, customer preferences can be altered to favor your brand. How? Let us see some insider secrets.

How the apparel industry is impacted by packaging boxes?

The customers looking for the best apparel brands are not going to settle for the products on offer. The whole shopping vibe matters for them to repeat purchases on a loop.

A definite and dominant part of a favorable shopping experience is how the apparel items are packaged. The boxes are considered an add-on to the products that customers highly anticipate. Getting the products in exclusive boxes is bound to encourage more and frequent sales.

The recent surveys by consumer groups suggest that 85% of customers are more prone to picking the brand again once they get impressed by the packaging offered. The apparel items are related to fashion and the boxes must resonate with this. Otherwise, packaging the products in plain or standard boxes will not do justice to customers’ sentiments regarding their purchases.

custom packaging

Why are customized boxes the best packaging solution?

Custom additions are always a hit amongst buyers. Be it consumers wanting a cake of their choice or boxes made to reflect their tastes; every little detail can win over more buyer appreciation.

You might wonder how a single packaging unit offers diversity and exclusivity. Well, the answer lies in understanding the expanded functions apparel boxes provide for branding. These broadly constitute the following:

#1: Secure and durable

Custom apparel boxes can be built to secure the contents even without using excessive tapes. Creative box locks and shapes are designed for reducing costs and improving security.

Certain apparel items need better and stiffer boxes than others. For example, shoes and fragile accessories can be damaged when folded and compressed. For them, boxes made of sturdier materials and extra thicknesses are crafted to avoid possible accidents.

Dior has been successful in securing their products in custom-made boxes. The packaging is sound enough to withstand shipping conditions and ensure that the buyers get their orders in good condition.

#2: Customized brand appeal

Whether your company is new, small, or trying to expand customer reach, custom packaging can help with all of these and more.

Many box components are modifiable to suit the brand image. Firstly, your brand logo can shine brightly on the box covers so buyers see it immediately. Next, the brand can be introduced using enticing color combos and patterns. And lastly, the product info and marketing messages can convince customers to pick your brand over the others.

Shipping is tedious and tricky. Your apparel boxes must be strong but must also impart branding to potential buyers. They can see your brand image consistently on various platforms and be persuaded to learn more about it, eventually leading to sales.

#3: Different finishing

It isn’t that alluring designs and box cuts are enough to influence customers. The boxes have to look professional to leave a mark.

A wide variety of apparel brands have made the competition tougher to crack. Customers have a lot of custom branded boxes to pick from. Using modern box elements and professional finishing upgrades the brand appeal. It lets customers know of the premium brand values and the brand’s commitment to offering exceptional customer services. A host of laminations and coatings impart this emotion while also protecting the boxes from getting affected by dust, moisture, and sunlight.

#4: Custom fit

One other custom printed shipping boxes angle that needs attention is the right fit. Though it comes as no surprise to customers, the impact of good box fitting is inadvertently seen by buyers in the form of safe deliveries.

Apparel makers can order any box size they deem suitable. It also means lowered packaging and shipping costs due to lighter boxes. Customers too appreciate using less box materials and showing care for the environment.

#5: Reuse and recycle

Custom-made apparel boxes can be structured using reusable box stock. This consists of corrugated and cardboard materials that are easily obtainable and support all kinds of custom alterations.

Crafting sustainable boxes impresses customers and adds one more reason to buy from your brand. Moreover, the reusable paper stock is more affordable and printing on it is convenient too.

Using bio-degradable boxes is now a compulsion rather than a choice. Government regulations are forcing companies to change their packaging ethics. It is high time your brand makes the shift to avoid fines and losing buyers to rivals.

#6: Effective production lines

One more reason for using customized apparel boxes is that they make production and assembly lines shorter and efficient.

Many brands opt for third-party box makers because they provide boxes on time and conveniently. The boxes are created to be assembled quickly and easily. It lowers labor costs and ensures timely delivery to customers.

The many positive features of using custom packaging for apparel products are pushing more brands to use them instead of conventional brown boxes. Customers demand better unboxing procedures. The boxes can be designed as per their preferences to encourage them to consider the brand for loyalty. 

Apart from the numerous potential benefits of using custom-made apparel boxes, they can additionally combine the marketing drives to provide a compelling brand story that customers just can’t ignore!


If you are shipping apparel items or displaying them at retail racks, opting for custom boxes is going to up your branding game and get the desired customer focus.